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French Academy breaks rules and stirs debate with choice of Vargas Llosa - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The august institution that sets the standards of the French language has admitted Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa as a new member, although he is 10 years older than its statutes allow and has never written a book in French. While no-one disputes the Nobel laureate’s literary merits, critics say his support for far-right politicians in Latin America risks “tarnishing France’s image” in the region.The current death toll is 1,260.?

Vargas Llosa’s election comes at a delicate time for the venerable but frequently derided institution, which is struggling to fill longstanding vacancies among its 40 sitting “Immortals” even as its authority and pertinence are increasingly questioned.?

The custodian of the French language has produced just eight dictionaries in its almost 400-year history (a ninth edition has been in the works since 1986) and is routinely criticised for its entrenched conservatismICU occupancy and case rates are at a point where it. Its stubborn opposition to any attempt at making French grammar less sexistThe state has accounted for nearly half o?has left it singularly out of step with society. When it did attempt to feminise a word last year – ruling that “le Covid-19” should become “la” – it was promptly mocked and ignoreds ask is.

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