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ABB's better life: make production more efficient and life simpler

efficiency and energy saving, work in the contemporary and benefit in the contemporary

work in the contemporary and benefit in the future is a commonly used environmental protection slogan. However, with the progress of Technology, this sentence may be changed to succeed in the contemporary and benefit in the contemporary. Recently, Michelin, a world-famous tire manufacturer, has achieved significant energy conservation with the help of ABB's energy efficiency audit and energy efficiency motor, and the cost can be recovered in only one year and five months, realizing the installation of sweeping air and solid sealing. In the contemporary era, it is beneficial in the contemporary era

located in northern Spain, Michelin's energy-saving plant is one of Michelin's 72 plants worldwide. At the beginning of the project, abb team conducted a comprehensive and detailed energy efficiency diagnosis for the plant. By testing the working conditions of motors and other key process equipment, abb energy-saving audit team found the production link with the most energy-saving and emission reduction potential

the audit results show that the efficiency of 436 low-voltage motors in the factory is low, only 76.9%, which will cause huge waste of electric energy. If the motor is replaced with abb high-efficiency motor meeting the international energy efficiency grade 2 (IE2), the efficiency can be easily improved to 84.2%. Each motor can save up to 895 kwh per year. After just one year and five months, the replacement cost can be recovered, and the average annual carbon emission of the whole plant will be reduced by 231 tons

ABB has a wide range of energy efficiency motor production lines, which can provide all kinds of customers with low-voltage motors that meet the international energy efficiency grades of 2, 3 and 4. Abb is an advocate of energy-efficient motors and has regarded energy-efficient products as the core of the product portfolio for many years

the world's first zero emission data center

the world's first zero emission data center Thor data center is located near Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and can provide customers with data cloud storage business. Recently, the first 40 foot data storage unit of the center has been put into use, and another is under construction. Due to the innovative patented cooling technology developed by Spanish ast modular company, the pue (power usage efficiency) of these two storage units can reach 1.07, setting a new record

this patented technology can use the air outside the center to cool the storage unit and ensure that the internal temperature and humidity of the storage unit loaded with sensitive equipment are appropriate. The power of these two storage units and even the whole data center comes from renewable energy sources such as geothermal and hydropower, which means that Thor data center provides customers with pure green data storage services with zero carbon emission

each data storage unit is equipped with two ABB AC500 programmable controllers (PLCs). AC5 takes the plastic film to directly contact the upper and lower molds from the rubber separator. 00 is responsible for monitoring all key parameters inside the storage unit, including temperature, humidity, fan speed, energy consumption level, fire and water leakage warning, etc., so as to ensure that the storage unit is in the best operating environment at all times. Under normal circumstances, only one of the two AC500 is working and the other is in backup state. If the working AC500 fails, the backup one will take over the work within 20 milliseconds to avoid the interruption of monitoring work

ABB solution with modular design is robust and stable, with many functions, which can meet the needs of storage units with high requirements for reliability and working time. In addition, ABB's worldwide support and service network has also provided important help to ast modular, which are the reasons why ast modular chose ABB solutions

ABB has cooperated with ast modular for many years. Previously, it has provided programmable controller solutions for the natural cooling system of AST modular's data centers in Australia, Denmark and other places. The power efficiency of these data centers has also reached 1 Excellent level of 13

AC500 is one of the most widely used programmable controllers in the world. AC500 adopts modular design, with excellent upgrade ability and application flexibility, which can create greater value compared with competitive products. In addition, AC500 is also one of the fastest programmable controllers in the market, which can realize faster programming, higher speed operation and faster data transmission

abb, efficiency and energy saving start from itself and bit by bit

ABB has long been committed to fulfilling the corporate social responsibility, promoting efficiency and energy saving and reducing the impact of human activities on the environment. ABB's efforts are not only reflected in the continuous R & D and production of energy-efficient products for customers in various industries, but also reflected in the management of its own production process. ABB strives to seize every opportunity to improve production efficiency and protect the environment. Recently, ABB's plant in Argentina has transformed the roof of the plant into a small solar power plant, saving electricity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

this small photovoltaic solar power station is located on the roof of an ABB factory in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. It covers an area of 160 square meters and can produce 40000 kwh of electricity every year. We must pay attention to the measurement details, which is about equivalent to the annual power demand of 10 western European families. By using this power station, the factory can reduce power consumption by 1.8% a year, equivalent to 24 tons of carbon dioxide emissions

since 2009, abb began to promote the strategic environmental plan in Argentina. The plan will use ABB's own energy efficiency products and management skills to optimize the utilization level of resources in operation. One of the achievements of this solar power plant is located on the roof. At present, in addition to Argentina, abb has also installed small solar power plants on the roof of its factories or office buildings in India, Finland and South Africa

Although several small solar power plants are not enough to fundamentally reverse the impact of human activities on the climate, they have proved that with the help of ABB technology, people can use corner places such as roofs to produce clean electricity and maintain electricity stability. If all kinds of corner places are fully utilized, the production scale of clean energy will reach a new level, thus bringing more significant economic and environmental benefits

ABB solution: solve the water problem of the world's largest open-air music festival

Glastonbury Music Festival, founded in 1970, is the largest and most popular open-air music and performing arts event in the world. In the five-day Music Festival, U2, Coldplay, Beyonc and other world-famous bands took turns to perform on the stage, attracting more than 170000 audiences to revel in a 10 square kilometer venue every day

as the largest temporary performance venue in the world, the venue of the music festival is full of tents for music fans and a variety of entertainment equipment, which requires the organizers to build perfect infrastructure to ensure that the number of spectators comparable to a city can obtain perfect catering and daily life, power supply, toilet bathing and waste treatment services

water supply is the highlight of infrastructure. The five-day Music Festival requires a total of 11000 tons of water to meet the needs of catering, washing and shower. The water comes from two specially built underground reservoirs and is piped to more than 700 hand basins and more than 100 water towers

responsible for monitoring this water supply system is a sophisticated ABB flow measurement solution. This solution consists of sm500f visual recorder and Watermaster flowmeter system. Through this system, the organizers of the music festival can accurately monitor the water level, flow rate and water consumption of the whole venue, which is the first time in the 41 year history of the music festival

ABB solution is like a pair of golden eyes, covering the whole water supply system, so that managers can easily monitor the water injection flow of reservoirs and pipes and the change of music saving water consumption over time, which is convenient for the organizer to check the water charge with the water supply department. In addition, abb solutions is also responsible for monitoring the water volume of the reservoir around the clock, issuing alarms in time when there is a water shortage, and guiding managers to replenish water at an appropriate speed. Finally, the organizer of the music festival can also use ABB solution to accurately calculate the water consumption of the activity site, so as to ensure the practical payment of water charges and avoid unnecessary additional expenses

abb is a leading enterprise in the field of power and automation technology among the world's top 500. Abb is committed to helping power, utility and industrial customers improve their performance while reducing their impact on the environment. ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs 130000 people. ABB has a full range of business activities in China, including R & D, manufacturing, sales and engineering services. It has 18000 employees, 34 local enterprises and sales and service networks in 80 cities across the country. To learn more about abb, please visit

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