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Recently, Mr. Wang, the owner, successfully got the delivery key. However, choosing which decoration company gave him a headache. After taking lessons from his friends who had engaged in decoration, Mr. Wang was even more angry about the hidden charges of some decoration companies. He originally wanted to decorate his new home as soon as possible, so he had to slow down the pace of decoration. There are not a few decoration families who have the same idea with Mr. Wang. How to make hidden consumption invisible in the process of home decoration? Insiders recruit and select home decoration companies to not only compare goods, but also fully reflect the commitment of decoration companies in black and white

◆ set meal low price gimmicks should be recognized. Good looking materials may not be easy to use.

to some extent, new home decoration is a lifelong thing, and the first decoration experience is even more rare. As a consumer, in the face of the hype of the home decoration industry, it is inevitable that his mind is hot. In order not to turn the happiness of decoration into trouble, it is necessary for consumers to do some homework before decoration

the lowest price of decoration package in the city is XX Yuan per square meter. Slogans like this often appear in outdoor advertisements. In fact, this simple advertising method has indeed captured the psychology of many consumers, but some consumers reflect that the fact is not as good as the advertisement says

I chose a set meal of 288 yuan, which is 28800 yuan for 100 square meters. I thought that even if I made a little margin, 30000 yuan would be enough. However, after the construction, I found that although many materials are brands, they are all low-cost products of big brands. If I want to upgrade materials, I have to add money to make up the price difference. In this way, I finally spent about 50000 yuan to achieve the basic decoration effect. According to Yu Feng (a pseudonym), the designer of a home decoration company, this kind of operation does exist in the home decoration company

of course, the higher the package price, the better. Yu Feng believes that combined with the decoration style, the new home decoration does not need to be too complicated. On the one hand, it can reduce the budget and avoid decoration pollution

◆ it is difficult to find small construction actions. It is best to know the new items of decoration in advance.

although construction is an important part of decoration, it is difficult for decoration families to track the progress or quality all the time. Even with the existence of engineering supervision, the fishiness in the construction process can sometimes be completely avoided. Take the painting of the simplest furniture as an example. If the consumer is not there, the painters tend to leave the paint a few times less, especially the current popular clear water paint furniture. If the consumer is not an expert, it is difficult to find it, and the construction personnel can take the rest of the paint and transfer it to the next decoration project, which is actually a kind of hidden charge. The decoration link involves the structural layout of the whole room. It is expected that it is indeed difficult to fully realize the perfect integration of preliminary design and construction, so new decoration projects are possible

Ms. Li, who is decorating her new home, was told a few days after the start of the decoration that the decoration cost in the contract does not include gluing at the doorway, windows, brackets behind the ceiling, waterproof treatment behind the toilet tiles, etc., and the balcony skirting line treatment and garbage removal will be charged additionally. Yu Feng told reporters that home decoration companies often indirectly tell consumers that if they do not take measures in time, they will not be responsible for problems in the future, and this blind spot is really not good to identify whose fault it is, and many consumers have to admit it. Is there nothing consumers can do in the face of this practice of home decoration companies? Yu Feng explained that in order to minimize the risk of decoration, consumers should try to avoid choosing unqualified home decoration companies and guerrillas. Before signing the contract, consumers had better plan in advance for the additional items of decoration, which is in line with their psychological price expectations





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