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Editor's note: throw pillows are always the most indispensable part of home decoration. They are definitely the choice of "low cost and high recycling". The decorative effects achieved by throw pillows with different design concepts are also different. These 8 childish creative throw pillows recommended by Xiaobian today can add childlike innocence and fun to your home environment and bring you back to the most childish and naive happy time

Xiaobian comments: this soft and cute pillow has a pair of naughty big eyes and a slightly raised mouth. The pillow is completely made of retro TV shape, but in order to reflect its lively “ Personality ”, The black, gray, and brown shells commonly used in retro TVs are decorated with the common color bars used in TV signal detection - in this way, it can match its funny expression! [please click on similar models] lonely Tuesday nostalgic simple TV pillow 37.90-55.00 yuan

small editor comments: the back is six color stripes, rich colors are also very convenient to match with the home environment, with a bit of playful retro feeling, so that the home has a sense of time. [please click on similar models]

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