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"Don't say that women are not British things, and the dragon spring chirps on the wall at night." these two words in Qiu Jin's "Partridge Sky" are more appropriate to describe Cohen's heroine, Shandong Qingzhou dealer Zhang Qinyan. However, after graduation, president Zhang has been engaged in public transportation, and in 2007, he changed his career to open an overall cabinet processing plant. With the continuous development and growth of his career and his optimistic outlook on the kitchen electricity market, president Zhang sprouted to join the kitchen electricity brand, The idea of selling the whole cabinet together with kitchen appliances

in 2010, president Zhang inadvertently paid attention to Cohen's brand. With the in-depth understanding of Cohen's full range of products, years of experience in manufacturing exploration told her that Cohen's products have high quality and high cost performance that peer enterprises do not have. Through a detailed understanding of Cohen's enterprises and brands through various channels, president Zhang decided to officially join Cohen in 2011, and set up a Cohen exhibition hall in its cabinet processing plant to start a business together with Cohen. Through the efforts of president Zhang for more than 7 years, there is currently one Cohen store and two distribution stores in Qingzhou, Shandong Province

through years of experience accumulation, at present, president Zhang has his own set of methods for the sales of Cohen's products. For a long time, Shandong Qingzhou Cohen has taken the retail of exclusive stores and the development of distributors as the core of its daily work. In terms of brand promotion and product exposure, President Zhang chose to reach a long-term cooperation with the decoration company, which greatly increased the sales of stores and regular community promotion, In store promotion is also a means of promoting the local influence of Qingzhou Cohen brand

general manager Zhang's speech: we have witnessed the continuous improvement of Cohen's product categories and the continuous improvement of quality together with Cohen for seven years, and we have learned a lot of ways of store management from it. We also thank Cohen for its meticulous whole process service tracking over the years, in exchange for Qingzhou consumers' high recognition and love of Cohen's brand. In the future, president Zhang will also continue to work hard to live up to expectations and make Cohen brand bigger and stronger





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