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Lao Wang is a small bag foreman, leading several workers to form a small team to take over some private house decoration work. But recently, the competition among his peers has been too fierce, and Lao Wang's life has begun to be a little tight

as soon as money was tight, his wife would nag, the family expenses were high, and his daughter's tuition fees were high. Lao Wang was annoyed, so he simply came to the gate of the building materials market early in the morning to solicit business. Just as he was sweating in the sun, a tall man wearing gold rimmed glasses came over and said that he had a house in urgent need of decoration. He asked for one thing: hurry! Ask him if he dares to answer

Lao Wang looked at the man. He was about 40 years old and dressed well. It seemed that he could hardly wait to decorate the house tomorrow

looking here, Lao Wang thought: as long as you are willing to pay the price, what dare I not answer? But I can't be in a hurry if you are in a hurry. If you want to raise the price, you have to grind it slowly. Therefore, Lao Wang proposed to see the house before talking. Without saying a word, the man waved for a taxi, came to shanyeju community, took Lao Wang to building 12 and entered Room 305

when Lao Wang came into the room, he found that the room was very strange. It had two bedrooms and two living rooms. The bedroom was only palm size, but the living room and dining room were surprisingly large. But fortunately, as long as the design and lighting of the wall between the living room and dining room are appropriate, the whole room can still appear coordinated visually. Who knows this tall and thin man didn't wait for Lao Wang's suggestion, he talked about the decoration requirements: the simpler it is, the better. Where to put the ceiling and where to bury the wire, the most critical point, the man repeatedly stressed — The wall between the living room and the dining room should be knocked down and turned into a hall, and then a large ceiling lamp should be installed

Lao Wang wondered. If the wall was opened, he could see everything in the house from the outside. But he turned to think about it. It would take a lot of effort to get through this wall. He simply took the opportunity to ask for a high price. So he didn't raise any objection, just asked: “ How long will it take you to finish loading& rdquo; The tall thin man pushed his glasses on the bridge of his nose and said: “ One week, next Saturday at 6 PM must be delivered& rdquo;

install the whole house once a week? This is simply speeding decoration. Time is so tight that it is difficult to guarantee quality and quantity. But Lao Wang thought of going out in the morning, and his wife was still complaining that his daughter had fallen behind in the final exam because she didn't spend money on extracurricular interest classes at school. So he gritted his teeth and prepared to take the business

besides, the tall and thin man hesitated when he saw Lao Wang and said: “ Time is a little tight, but I pay a high price. How about onehundred and one per square meter& rdquo;

the price is really attractive. It's 20 or 30 yuan higher than usual. Finally, Lao Wang was ruthless and added five yuan per square meter, which was regarded as taking the job. The tall man sighed with relief: “ If I wasn't in a hurry to use the house, how could I let you share such a bargain& rdquo;

that afternoon, Lao Wang led the workers and began to work with a hammer and shovel. Busy, suddenly someone came in, saying that it was the owner upstairs who introduced the suite to visit. As soon as he visited, the owner was happy. He grabbed Lao Wang's hand and said that Lao Wang had given the house upstairs to him. The requirements are the same: first, connect the two halls; Second, be fast

Lao Wang was stupid after listening. Why are these two people so demanding? It's so strange. So he finally couldn't help asking why? The owner smiled mysteriously and said: “ I work with your employer& rdquo; Lao Wang asked: “ What on earth do you do& rdquo;

the owner smiled and said: “ I'm a teacher! He taught math and I taught English. We bought the house together because we thought the two rooms of this house type could get through& rdquo; Lao Wang looked at the owner carefully for a while, and then looked at the hall that had been opened, but he still didn't understand

just listen to the owner explain: “ Hey, school is about to begin in the twinkling of an eye. Now the policy does not allow schools to collect money to make up lessons, so we have to move our positions and open a second class at home or something. With more students signing up, we naturally have to expand our space, don't we? You see, this hall has more than 30 square meters. It's no problem to open a large class in the evening& rdquo; With that, the owner took out 500 yuan as a deposit and forced Lao Wang to find a team for himself to start work immediately. After listening to these words, Lao Wang understood more clearly in his heart: I dare say that the school teacher is busy making extra money and needs to fix the classroom before the school starts

in this way, Lao Wang took two teams and started work upstairs and downstairs together. He was very busy. In such a hurry, a week passed in the twinkling of an eye. By the evening of the last day, everything was ready, leaving the chandelier of the downstairs house not installed. Now we have to follow the normal procedure to drill holes and nails on the roof, and then screw on the screws and screw on the nuts. As soon as Lao Wang looked at his watch, it was too late. In a hurry, a master gave an idea: first turn on the electricity, then fix the chandelier slightly on the ceiling, and then find a thick rope, tie the chandelier at one end, pull the other end along the roof to the kitchen room, and tie it to the water pipe at the side. Everything will be OK until tonight. Lao Wang heard that although he was a little insecure, he had to do so

at 6 o'clock, this head was just packed up, and the tall and thin man came on time. He glanced at the room in a hurry and frowned at the chandelier. Lao Wang hurriedly explained with embarrassment: “ You are speeding up the decoration and the construction period is too tight. It's too late. I promise to fix it for you tomorrow morning& rdquo; The tall man listened, patted Lao Wang on the shoulder and said: “ Yes& rdquo; With that, he took out a stack of money and handed it to Lao Wang, and began to prepare the materials for the class

Lao Wang quickly paid the masters, and it was already more than 7 p.m. when he returned home. As soon as his wife saw him, she complained: “ How can I get back? My daughter's make-up class ends at 9 o'clock tonight, and I'm waiting for you to pick it up& rdquo; Lao Wang asked: “ Make up lessons? Why didn't you say you had to pay& rdquo; The wife explained: “ Listen to the audition today. If you are satisfied, you can also charge for the formal class tomorrow. You can have a meal and hurry over& rdquo; His daughter's study is a top priority. Lao Wang hurriedly asked where to pick up his daughter. His wife quickly took out a note from her pocket and read it: “ Room 305, building 12, shanyeju community& rdquo;

Lao Wang was stunned when he heard this. Isn't that the house he just installed? Bad thing! The chandelier is still hanging on the roof! Originally, it was none of my business, so I hung up. But now that his daughter was in the house, Lao Wang suddenly burst into a cold sweat. He didn't care about food, so he got up and rushed to the mountain house

when he arrived at Room 305, Lao Wang didn't think about anything and hurriedly knocked on the door. The man who opened the door was indeed a tall and thin man. Seeing Lao Wang, he frowned and said: “ What are you doing here& rdquo; Lao Wang glanced at the roof and saw that the chandelier looked a little bit unsustainable. He looked into the room again and saw that the huge room was full of people, including students and parents, and his daughter was sitting near the chandelier

Lao Wang understood that he could not explain clearly for a while. He had an idea, pointed to his daughter and said: “ I'm her parent. I'll try it, too& rdquo; Seeing that Lao Wang's daughter raised her hand and nodded in the room, the tall and thin man let him enter the door and asked him to find a place to sit down quickly

Lao Wang nodded and answered yes, but while he was tall and thin, he got into the kitchen, touched the rope along the water pipe, and grabbed it desperately, not daring to let go. It's OK to drag for a while like this, but it's too much to bear after dragging for a long time. The kitchen was dark, and Lao Wang couldn't see the time clearly. He didn't know how long he had been holding on. His palms were strangled by the rope, and his hands and feet were trembling with fatigue. Just when he was about to lose his grip, the teacher in the hall shouted: “ That's all for today. Class is over& rdquo;

hearing this, Lao Wang loosened a tight string in his heart and said: class is over at last, and he is about to be relieved

but the teacher came again: “ If everyone is satisfied with today's class, please line up to the podium to register. If parents come, please pay the tuition in advance if you can pay it& rdquo;

as soon as he said this, Lao Wang was worried again: my God, it will take at least another 20 minutes. There's no way, just bear it again. He just continued to pull the rope, listening to the students' parents shouting in the hall “ Goodbye, teacher ”. As there were fewer and fewer people in the hall, he gradually relaxed and felt a little confused. At this time, suddenly came her daughter's voice: “ dad! Where did you go? I'm waiting for you to pay my tuition& rdquo;

when his daughter called, Lao Wang was excited and said: “ Dad is here! Come on, come on& rdquo; With that, he forgot the rope in his hand and ran into the hall while taking money out of his pocket. He then ran to the door of the kitchen and entered the hall, listening only to “ Bang Dang ” With a sound, the chandelier on the roof fell down, hit the ground and broke. At this moment, only the tall and thin man on the podium and Lao Wang's daughter were left in the classroom. They looked at the chandelier and Lao Wang for a while. They were so surprised that they didn't know what to do




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