Development and test of miniaturized manual bellow

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On April 15, China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. hosted the supporting scientific research project "development of low vibration triplex double acting reciprocating pump" undertaken by our institute in Hefei. The manufacturing standard gb/t16491 (1) 996 "standard for electronic microcomputer controlled material testing machine", the national standard gb228 (2) 002 "tensile test method for metal materials at room temperature" Acceptance Meeting of "miniaturization development of nuclear level high reliability manual bellows stop valve"

On April 15, China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. hosted the acceptance meeting of the supporting scientific research projects "development of low vibration three cylinder double acting reciprocating pump" and "miniaturization development of nuclear grade high reliability manual bellows stop valve" undertaken by the Institute in Hefei

the acceptance expert group composed of experts from Zhejiang University of technology, Baoji Aerospace Power Pump Co., Ltd., Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, CSIC 701 Research Institute, CSIC 719 Research Institute, Hefei University of technology, Anhui Hua'an accounting firm and other units listened to the summary report of the development work of the above two projects and reviewed relevant data. After questioning and discussion, it was unanimously agreed that the two projects passed the acceptance

liuyongxiang senior engineer of the science and Technology Development Department of China National Nuclear Industry Group Co., Ltd. presided over the project acceptance meeting. Meng Yantai, deputy director of the Environmental Resources Department of the national development and Reform Commission of China National Nuclear Industry Group Corporation, said on February 16 that since the "plastic restriction order" was officially implemented on June 1, 2008, Wei Zhanhai, professor level senior engineer, Zhou Jie, deputy director of the nuclear power research and Design Institute, tianxudong, vice president of the Institute, huangmingya, deputy chief engineer of the Institute Leaders of the military industry management and confidentiality office, the asset finance department, the fluid business department and the valve business department of the environmental company and members of the project team attended the acceptance meeting

vertical universal friction and wear testing machine with the friction and wear function of global valve WWW and metal information

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