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World theme: development and trend of green packaging

with the improvement of environmental protection in the world, green packaging has increasingly become an inevitable trend in the development of flexible packaging market. The industry believes that in the face of the international "green barriers" to the packaging of China's export commodities, the pace of green packaging will be faster

use the green material. The greening of packaging materials is directly reflected in the raw materials of printing, compounding and other processes. Benzene free ink or water-soluble ink shall be used for printing, and alcohol soluble or water-soluble adhesive shall be used for copying. The tensile strength of the three test pieces shall not be lower than the tensile strength specified for this grade of reinforcement in GB1499-1998, which can greatly reduce or avoid solvent residue and solvent pollution. Benzene free printing will become the mainstream of flexible packaging market

green production process. It is mainly reflected in the compounding process: solvent-free compounding or extrusion compounding is adopted, that is, hot melt compounding such as EAA, EEA, EMAA or ionic polymer is adopted to reduce the pollution of polyurethane adhesive and organic solvent. In addition, multi-layer coextrusion functional films will be used more. 2. Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ to achieve multiple dry composite effects, avoiding solvent pollution during production and use

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