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The development characteristics of domestic ink industry in the next few years

the rapid development of China's ink manufacturing industry in recent 10 years is obvious to all. Relevant data show that China's total ink output has grown from about 100000 tons in 1995 to 106800 tons in the first quarter of 2006. After a long-term development of 10000 tons, the total ink output ranks fourth in the world, closely following the United States, Japan and Germany. The designs and varieties of domestic inks are quite complete, medium and high-grade. "The company's executives said that the share of products is expanding, and the quality of some products has approached or reached the advanced level of similar international products. Due to the wide variety of inks and the fact that many products have no obvious boundaries with coatings, for example, a considerable number of products in radiation curing materials, printing conductive materials, printing consumables and printing coatings belong to the category of ink affecting vertical installation. In addition, in the past two years, a large number of foreign-funded enterprises have flocked to China to establish multiple ink production bases. Therefore, the ink data collected at present are not complete, and the actual output of ink should be greater than the existing data

from the current situation and development of China's ink application industry, publishing and commercial printing industry, packaging printing industry, circuit board manufacturing industry, etc., offset printing ink still occupies a dominant position. The market share is about 45%, the market demand for gravure printing ink tends to be stable on the whole, and the relief printing ink market will decline significantly, but the flexographic printing ink shows an upward trend, the printing ink shows a steady upward trend, and digital printing, Inkjet printing ink will develop rapidly. With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection and diversified demand, water-based ink, UV curing ink, special anti-counterfeiting ink and other products will develop at an amazing speed

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