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The development course and direction of beer and beverage equipment manufacturing industry

China's beer and beverage machinery industry is one of the fast-growing industries in China's machinery industry. At present, a relatively complete product manufacturing system has been formed, which can basically meet the development needs of the domestic beer and beverage industry, and the product export volume is rising. Domestic equipment has occupied the domestic mid-range product market, and some products have entered the high-end market. The national technology introduction during the "June 5" to "August 5" period, especially the successful implementation of the "beer through-train" project during the "July 5" period, has laid the technical foundation for the development of China's beer and beverage machinery industry

After the reform and opening up, China's beer and beverage industry has entered a stage of rapid development. Especially in the early 1980s, the beer industry had a great demand for equipment, and a large number of beer equipment were imported from abroad every year. At that stage, no enterprise in China was able to produce beer equipment required by the market, so more than 200 beer equipment were introduced from West Germany, Japan, Bulgaria, Romania and other countries. As the competent department of the Ministry of light industry for importing Beer machinery, the third division of China National Light Industry Machinery Corporation, while importing a large number of foreign advanced equipment for China's beer industry, saw the opportunity to develop China's Beer machinery industry. Starting from the "sixth five year plan", with the strong support of the State Economic Commission, the State Planning Commission, the General Administration of customs and the Ministry of light industry, under the leadership of Comrade zhengpeifei, In the way of "unifying foreign trade, combining technology and trade, introducing technology, digesting and absorbing", large-scale beer and beverage machinery manufacturing technology suitable for China's national conditions has been introduced. In the mid-1980s, the third division of China National Light Industry Machinery Corporation introduced the manufacturing technology of 20000 bottles/hour beer production line of West German Sen company (the predecessor of KHS company). After this manufacturing technology was delivered to Guangdong light machinery factory for production, it created a precedent for large-scale manufacturing of beer equipment in China and greatly promoted the development of China's Beer machinery industry. In the same period, the third division of China National Light Industry Machinery Corporation introduced the manufacturing technology of 18000 bottles/hour cool beverage filling production line and 20000 bottles/hour beer production line of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan. These two technologies were delivered to Hefei light machinery factory and Nanjing Light Machinery Factory for production, laying a solid foundation for these two enterprises to manufacture beer and beverage machinery. In the mid-1980s, the state attached great importance to the development of light industry, organized cross industry and cross department experts to demonstrate the development plan of China's beer industry, formulated the "beer through-train" project to vigorously develop the Beer machinery industry during the "Seventh Five Year Plan" period, and organized special funds to support the development of China's beer and beverage machinery industry. The third business division of China National Light Industry Machinery Corporation is responsible for the implementation of the "beer through-train" project, and has introduced the western German Sen company 1000 × The manufacturing technology of 1000 plate and frame diatomite filter has been delivered to Chongqing light machinery plant, Xinxiang light machinery plant and Beijing water pump plant for production since graphene was separated from graphite in the experiment in 2004. The manufacturing technology of 24000 bottle/hour labeling machine of German Krones company has been delivered to Guangdong Light Machinery Plant and Qinhuangdao light machinery plant for production. The German saccharification and fermentation equipment has been delivered to Changchun light machinery plant for production... Today, The implementation of this project has epoch-making significance. It has made China's beer equipment manufacturing from scratch and from weak to strong. It has made great changes in China's beer and beverage machinery industry, laid the foundation for China's Beer machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, and promoted the rapid development of the beer industry

in the early 1990s, with the prosperity of China's beer and beverage market and the development of the industry, China's beer and beverage enterprises began to develop in the direction of large-scale production. The demand for large-scale beer and beverage equipment led to another peak of importing foreign beer equipment. During this period, the third division of China National Light Industry Machinery Corporation introduced 36000 bottle/hour beer production line manufacturing technology and 48000 bottle/hour beverage production line manufacturing technology from German KHS company for Guangdong Light Machinery Corporation and Nanjing Light Machinery Corporation. The introduction of this technology has raised the manufacturing level of China's beer and beverage machinery to a higher level. Since then, China's beer and beverage machinery industry has entered another new period of rapid development. Up to now, 36000 bottles/hour high-speed beer production line is still the main product in the market

booming development process

during the "Ninth Five Year Plan" of the last century, the development of China's beverage industry showed a straight-line growth trend, gradually breaking the pattern of carbonated beverages dominating the market. There are more varieties of beverages, including carbonated drinks, functional drinks, fruit juice drinks, tea drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, purified water, milk drinks and other new varieties. The increasing variety of beverages and the innovation requirements of manufacturing technology have greatly activated the beverage equipment market. At the same time, China's beer industry has embarked on the road of large-scale and group development. Imported equipment has reached the stage of system maintenance and transformation. The industry has put forward higher requirements for after-sales service of equipment, and the beer industry has put forward high-quality requirements for supporting equipment and ancillary devices. These provide a huge market space for Beer machinery enterprises. With the 36000 bottle/hour high-speed beer production lines of Guangdong Light Machinery Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Light Machinery Co., Ltd. passing the product identification and mass production, the level of beer and beverage machinery and equipment in China has been greatly improved, and the domestic equipment has been gradually recognized by large and medium-sized enterprises. The sales of beer and beverage machinery products are booming. Private enterprises dedicated to the manufacturing of beer and beverage machinery have sprung up like mushrooms. Enterprises such as Hangzhou Zhongya, dayilong, Guangdong No. 2 light machinery factory, Jiangsu Meixing, Ningbo Lehui, Guangdong pinghang and so on have sprung up in this period and began to be recognized by the industry. The emergence of enterprises with diversified management systems in China's beer and beverage machinery industry has intensified market competition, expanded the scope of product production, and promoted the development of China's beer and beverage machinery industry. China's dependence on imports of medium and high-end beer and beverage machinery products changed during this period

since the beginning of the 21st century, China's beer and beverage equipment industry has developed at a faster pace. The products of domestic well-known beer and beverage equipment manufacturers such as Nanjing Light Machinery Co., Ltd., dayilong, Ningbo Lehui, guangerqing, Hefei Zhongchen, xinmeixing, Chongqing Light Machinery Co., Ltd., Guangdong pinghang, Qinhuangdao Zhongde, Weihai Yuanhang have entered the domestic high-end beer and beverage production enterprises. The performance and quality of China's 24000-40000 bottle/h glass bottle high-speed beer and beverage packaging production line have withstood the test of large-scale production practice over the years. The product has strong competitiveness in cost performance, won 90% of the domestic market share and has entered the international market. Domestic beer labeling machine has broken the monopoly of the Chinese market by selecting the corresponding load range labeling machine according to the test materials

with the development of market economy and the arrival of the era of global economic integration, it is difficult to operate and realize large-scale technology introduction. Independent innovation and technology development have become the historical mission for the survival and development of Chinese enterprises in the new era. In recent years, domestic enterprises have made significant achievements in product independent research and development. For example, the 24000 bottle/hour aseptic cold filling production line for beverages and 40000 bottle/hour pure draft beer bottling production line developed by Nanjing Light Machinery Co., Ltd. have passed the strict acceptance of users such as Japan Suntory company and Yanjing Beer Group, and have been put into operation successfully, and the products have been fully listed; The E) aseptic cold filling production line of switching power supply beverage successfully developed by Jiangsu new star has been exported to Japan, Ukraine, New Zealand and other countries and regions; The 36000 bottle/hour super clean beverage filling production host independently developed by Hefei Zhongchen company has completely replaced the imported equipment; Guangzhou dayilong self-developed 4000 "However, for future models, the 0 bottle/hour PET bottle blowing machine has become the darling of the beverage machinery market with its strong cost performance advantages; the 80000 cup/hour yogurt cup making and filling production line independently developed by Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd. fills the domestic gap, and its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level.

the development status of China's beer and beverage machinery industry was the largest, most professional and biennial China national beer and beverage machinery conference held in Beijing The international beer and beverage manufacturing technology and Equipment Exhibition (China Brew China beverage) was the most full and comprehensive

Chinese enterprises have been able to compete with foreign enterprises on the same stage. Their fighting spirit is commendable and their technological progress is gratifying. All this has benefited from the successful implementation of the "beer through-train" project and technology introduction, as well as the unremitting efforts of Chinese enterprises

future development direction

China's beer and beverage equipment has occupied a large market share in China, and can even compete with similar foreign products in some high-end product fields. However, there is still a big gap between the domestic beer and beverage equipment manufacturing industry and the international first-class counterparts. China's beer and beverage equipment lags far behind foreign similar equipment in terms of the maturity of the combination of process and machinery, product stability and detection and monitoring technology

at the drinktec2009 exhibition in Munich, Germany, in September this year, Sidel, Krones, KHS, SACMI and other well-known foreign beer and beverage equipment manufacturers showed their latest technologies and concepts. Its concepts of environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction, cleaner production, food safety and society have run through the design of beer and beverage machinery products, making the new equipment layout more reasonable, functions more centralized, investment more economical and operation more humanized. For example, Sidel launched the latest beer production line and the single-mode 2000 bottles/hour SBO universal? 2 series bottle blowing machines demonstrate Sidel's commitment to efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection and noise reduction. KHS hotfill+ system can fill 43000 PET bottles per hour. The system fills a certain amount of nitrogen into the bottle mouth, and then immediately completes the capping, so that the era of PET bottle hot filling using vacuum compensation plate is gone forever. HEUFT's brand-new belt direct drive beetec technology saves 30% of energy consumption compared with the traditional drive system. Its tornado D flex labeling function can simultaneously complete the labeling process of almost all containers' two-sided adhesive through one component. The newly developed cbf10 ultra clean all-in-one filling machine displayed by sakmi company can be directly connected to the upstream pressure plastic bottle forming machine to produce drinks with shaped bottles together on the production line... These innovative technologies and concepts will bring new changes and impacts to the development of beer and beverage equipment in China. It is worth learning from China's beer and beverage machinery industry, and it is also our future development direction

in the next few years, the development priorities of China's beer and beverage machinery products should be: localization of large-scale malting equipment, tower type high-efficiency malting equipment, modernization of traditional brewing equipment, high-efficiency and low consumption saccharification and pure fermentation technology equipment, fully automatic beverage mixing equipment, pre-processing equipment, high-speed PET bottle blowing equipment and blank injection equipment, polymer "bottle making filling sealing" integrated equipment, large-scale high-speed filling equipment Aseptic cold filling equipment, quantitative filling equipment, fruit containing meat beverage filling equipment, detection and high-speed intelligent test bottle equipment, robot secondary dry packaging equipment, computer monitoring and network remote diagnosis and maintenance system

in the coming period, China's beer and beverage equipment manufacturing industry

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