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Development characteristics of international tobacco packaging

the eternal theme of the tobacco industry has two aspects: one is to reduce harmful components, that is, to reduce the cumulative added value of 1.34 billion yuan of coke achieved by more than 24 aluminum based new material industrial enterprises in the city; Second, improve the packaging quality. Packaging is a prominent issue, which includes environmental protection technology, process design, materials, printing technology and other factors. Different from the packaging of other products, tobacco packaging has its own characteristics. It is one of the packaging products that require the highest precision at present. Nowadays, the role of tobacco packaging becomes more and more important under the situation that tobacco products are generally not allowed to advertise and the market promotion is more and more restricted. Tobacco enterprises must make greater efforts to adopt unique packaging so that their brands can stand out among the competitors. Therefore, the new tobacco restrictions have brought infinite business opportunities to the tobacco load ⑵ point extension diagram packaging. The function of tobacco packaging has also changed from simple protection of products to the best advertising of tobacco. High quality packaging plays an important role in improving the added value of tobacco products, enhancing product competitiveness and opening up the international market. At present, the development trend of international tobacco packaging mainly has the following characteristics:

1 Pay attention to environmental protection

in today's popular trend that international HP is still communicating and cooperating with more than 50 material enterprises on tobacco packaging, the demand for "environmental protection" is even more important. At present, cigarette products in western countries have a very high degree of environmental protection in every link. Using environmentally friendly packaging products is the "green pass" for tobacco enterprises to enter the world market. Both tobacco enterprises and tobacco packaging suppliers are increasingly aware of the necessity and urgency of using, developing and producing environmentally friendly products. The production and application of "green packaging" products will be the focus of the development of the tobacco industry and tobacco packaging industry in the next few years

2. Combination of various printing methods

the technology and process required for cigarette packet printing is second only to the printing of banknotes and securities. At present, wood plastic composite materials have not been developed rapidly in foreign tobacco packaging enterprises. The following equipment and methods are widely used:

sheet fed gravure printing machine is the most stable printing method. It has become the new favorite of tobacco packaging printing with its printing functions such as embossing, glazing and UV decoration ink, which are most different from other printing processes

in recent years, the sales volume of narrow width rotary transfer brush machine has increased sharply worldwide. It is expected that its market share will probably surpass offset printing and gravure printing in the near future. It can not only print labels and paperboard packages including cigarette packs at one time, but also is widely favored because of its relatively environmentally friendly printing method

in cigarette packet printing, the method of combining various printing methods is widely used abroad. The development of sheet fed gravure press and sheet fed offset press combined production, the printing effect is often surprising. In addition, western countries also adopt the method of white cardboard for strip box packaging and printing on the cigarette film of strip box

3. Materials match with cigarettes of different grades

as the choice of paper is related to the straightness of the appearance of cigarette packets, it directly affects the establishment of cigarette brands. It has become the consensus of tobacco enterprises to pack cigarettes of different grades with different papers. In the future, it will be a trend to use a single white cardboard for the production of cigarette packets and hard boxes

the use of ink is equally important. Its role is not only to make prints more beautiful, but also has additional functions such as anti-counterfeiting. In addition, metal ink, fluorescent ink, pearlescent ink, temperature change ink and other products with special uses will be more applied to cigarette bag production

4. A variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies are integrated

compared with the anti-counterfeiting technologies used in general products, cigarette packs have higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting technologies. Tobacco enterprises, on the one hand, mix anti-counterfeiting materials into the production process of packaging materials, on the other hand, use anti-counterfeiting printing technology in the printing process. At present, the popular methods are:

laser holography and ink anti-counterfeiting are the most common anti-counterfeiting technologies. Holographic products used for cigarette packets mainly include laser holographic anti-counterfeiting marks, laser holographic packaging materials and laser holographic hot stamping materials. Hot stamping holographic effect pattern is one of the most mature and widely used anti-counterfeiting methods on cigarette packets. It will be a trend for the development of tobacco packaging to integrate three-dimensional holographic technology with two-dimensional printing technology for the overall design of packaging and printing

foreign cigarette factories generally use a large number of anti-counterfeiting special BOPP smoke films. It uses common ink to print fixed-point simple patterns and position packaging, so that the cigarette film pattern covers the cigarette box pattern, achieving better anti-counterfeiting effect and reducing anti-counterfeiting cost. For example, the "Three Five Year Plan" cigarette has not changed the appearance design of the cigarette case for many years, and has not increased the material cost. Instead, the cigarette film is used for anti-counterfeiting, and even full-scale cigarette label patterns are printed on the cigarette film

embossed printing can improve the appearance of cigarette case lining, and high-quality embossed printing is difficult to copy, becoming a defense line against counterfeit cigarettes

the anti-counterfeiting method of special fluorescent compound coating can be applied to inks and pigments, and used in various printing procedures. After the printing is completed, the authenticity can be identified with the help of special tools; Another feature is that it can be combined with inkjet equipment to have the function of logistics management

5. Novel, practical and personalized appearance and design

innovative and personalized packaging design will have a broader market. For example, increase the reverse printing, that is, print the trademark or explanatory text inside the cigarette box; Adopt curve design at the opening of cigarette box; Package with snap fastener at the seal, etc

the round corner design of cigarette case packaging originated in the United States and has been very popular in the European market in recent years. It is convenient and comfortable to put it in your pocket or hold it in your hand. This is a good form of sales packaging, which has not been adopted by domestic tobacco enterprises

the traditional packaging method has the following disadvantages: the quantity of each package is fixed at 20 pieces, the packaging box is easy to wear out, the moisture resistance is poor, and it is inconvenient to take cigarettes. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the voice of banning smoking, especially the banning of smoking in public places and the smoke-free of families, the space for smokers to smoke is becoming smaller and smaller, and the unit packaging volume of cigarettes tends to be smaller, such as 10 or 5 cigarettes per pack. The packaging box can be transformed into match box type and medicine box type, so that the cigarette packaging can meet the needs of smokers in different conditions and different occasions

in addition, some countries believe that printing such warnings as "smoking is harmful to health" on the outer box of cigarettes can no longer meet the needs, but require that pictures of viscera damaged or diseased by smoking must be printed, which requires more printing colors to be added to the cigarette package

6. Soft box packaging is gradually developing to hard box packaging

the globalization of tobacco industry has had an important impact on the packaging market. The decreasing number of soft pack cigarettes and the increasing proportion of hard pack cigarettes are just a symptom of the intense competition in the international tobacco market

according to the "2001 global survey of tobacco packaging materials", in most markets in the world, flexible packaging is still the main form of tobacco packaging, but the trend from flexible packaging to hard packaging is very obvious. For example, the international trend is from dark color packaging to bright color packaging, and from domestic brands to international brands. Generally, hard box packaging is more used for international brands and bright color packaging, while some traditional dark color packaging or domestic brands are generally soft boxes. Hard packaging provides tobacco packaging enterprises with greater freedom in printing and packaging design

in the market where various types of cigarettes coexist, the introduction of western style cigarette brands has increased the market share of hard pack cigarettes; At the same time, cigarette factories in developing countries also tend to increase the output of hard pack cigarettes to compete with multinational tobacco companies. In addition, the rapid development of hard pack cigarette packaging machine in the past few years has promoted the wide use of hard pack cigarette packaging machine. Because the packaging speed of hard pack cigarette packaging machine is much faster than that of soft pack cigarette packaging machine, hard pack cigarette packaging machine is more attractive to large cigarette factories

currently, international soft pack cigarettes account for about 50% - 60% of the cigarette market. It is expected that by 2009, the market share of soft pack cigarettes will be reduced to 30%. Hard pack cigarettes will become the main packaging method for tobacco in all regions of the world except Africa and the Middle East. The same situation also appears in China. The trend of tobacco packaging is changing from soft package to hard package. At present, China's cigarette soft and hard packs account for 50% of the market respectively. It is estimated that the market share of hard packs will increase to 60% - 70% within a few years

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