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Development and research of modular machine tool CAD system

1 it is imperative to adopt modular machine tool CAD technology

modular machine tool is a special machine tool composed of general components designed according to serialization and standardization and special components designed according to the shape of workpiece and processing technology requirements. It is a single piece product designed and manufactured at one time. Therefore, the amount of design is large and the design work is complex. In the current competitive market economy, users have high requirements for the technical progressiveness, quality reliability and supply cycle of machine tools, and the key to ensure these factors is design. The backward manual design method in the past can no longer meet the requirements of product design. Using CAD technology to get rid of the drawing board has become the trend of the current technological revolution, which is imperative

2 application status of modular machine tool CAD

the research on modular machine tool CAD technology in foreign countries began relatively early. In the early 1970s, some industrial developed countries first began to study multi axle box CAD. Especially since the 1990s, with the development of computer technology, the development and application of interactive drawing and database management system, the CAD technology of modular machine tools has become increasingly practical and the scope of application has been expanding. CAD technology has been widely used in modular machine tool design in developed countries. At present, it is developing to cad/cam integrated system. In recent years, according to our understanding of several major machine tool manufacturers in the United States (burgmast, Kingsbury, Ingersoll lamb, Cincinnati, micron, cross and other companies), their CAD technology has been widely used. The most striking one is that Ingersoll has a software and hardware environment composed of 50 interactive CAD workstations, which makes it almost 100% CAD. It is also early in China to adopt CAD in modular machine tool design. In the early 1970s, Dalian Modular Machine Tool Research Institute began the research work in this area. In 1978, the state listed modular machine tool CAD as a key project in the machinery industry, and entrusted Shanghai Jiaotong University, Dalian Modular Machine Tool Research Institute, Automation Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery to take charge of it. With the participation of Dalian University of technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of technology, Shanghai Institute of mechanical and electrical products and other units, the state conducted a study on the use of thermal insulation materials for the exterior walls of drill hole modular buildings to reduce energy consumption, save energy and protect the environment, Since then, it has opened the prologue of modular machine tool CAD technology in China. After more than ten years of efforts, preliminary results have been achieved. However, the modular machine tool CAD system is developed on VAX Ⅱ -750 and micro VAX Ⅱ, which has a large hardware investment and is not easy to be popularized and applied. Limited by the hardware conditions and software environment at that time, the scope of application of the software was narrow and inconvenient for users

3 developing special software for modular machine tool CAD system

cad technology is an important part of contemporary electronic information technology, and the commercialization of CAD technology should be the top priority in the high-tech industry. On the basis of supporting software and hardware, the secondary development of software for different industries and specialties, and the development of specialized commercialized software suitable for the industry and specialty, can not only achieve good economic benefits, but also achieve significant social benefits. During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the country took the automobile industry as the pillar industry of the national economy, and the modular machine tool industry, which provided technical equipment for the automobile industry, developed rapidly. With the development of automobile industry, it is an urgent task to improve the design quality of modular machine tools and shorten the design cycle. The use of modular machine tool CAD technology can shorten the design cycle, improve product design quality, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry, and bring significant economic benefits to enterprises. Dalian is an important industrial base in China. As the science and technology development center of the modular machine tool industry, Dalian Modular Machine Tool Research Institute should play a leading role in the industry, and provide modular machine tool CAD software with strong functions, flexible operation, friendly interface and high technical content to the modular machine tool industry as soon as possible in order to realize design automation, enhance the technological innovation ability and product competitiveness of enterprises, and promote the design level of modular machine tools in China

4 technical basis for software development

with the development of microelectronics technology, the performance of microcomputer has been greatly improved. Now P Ⅱ has dominated the market, P Ⅲ has come into the market, and its CPU performance index is close to the workstation index a few years ago. Foreign CAD software is transplanted to windows95/98 and windows nt, such as pro/engineer, Ⅰ -deas, CADDS5, etc. The performance of the computer graphics accelerator card is improving, and it can basically move and rotate entities. Microcomputer CAD is a development direction, and the corresponding hardware is much lower than that of workstation. After several years of efforts, we have developed a CAD integrated system integrating general mechanical CAD and modular machine tool CAD by using Windows SDK software development technology, multi process dynamic data exchange technology (DDE), database operation technology (ODBC), graphics software secondary development technology and object linking and embedding technology (OLE)

5 modular machine tool CAD system software

modular machine tool CAD system software is a parametric graphic information management system for modular machine tool designers developed under Windows environment using c++ language. The database system is independently written in c++ language. This software integrates the database operating system and the parametric graphics system, forming a powerful parametric graphics information management system. Modular machine tool CAD system includes modular machine tool fixture CAD system, modular machine tool automatic line scheme 3D graphics CAD system, modular machine tool general drawing CAD system, modular machine tool machining schematic CAD system and modular machine tool multi axle box CAD system

Modular Machine Tool Fixture CAD system

modular machine tool automatic line scheme three-dimensional graphics CAD system, modular machine tool general drawing CAD system, modular machine tool machining schematic CAD system

multi axle box CAD system

the Modular Machine Tool Fixture CAD system is developed by using mechanical CAD parametric graphics information management technology and interactive design method. It has wide application, strong practicability and broad application prospects. According to its main functions, Modular Machine Tool Fixture CAD system can be divided into four modules: positioning support system CAD system, clamping mechanism CAD system, guiding device CA recycling plastic granulator, D system, which touches a wide range of national economy, and computer-aided analysis and calculation of typical fixture clamping force

positioning support system CAD system positioning support system is mainly composed of positioning support, auxiliary support and limit elements. Positioning support refers to the element that maintains a certain position of the workpiece during the machining process; Auxiliary support is a kind of movable support element which is only used for rigidity and stability during machining. Establish the parametric graphic database and its performance database of support plate, support block, auxiliary support, fixed positioning pin and telescopic positioning pin, and realize the positioning support system CAD by querying the positioning support system performance database, modifying the positioning support parametric graphic parameters, and using the interactive design method

clamping mechanism CAD system clamping mechanism is usually composed of clamping force part, intermediate transmission mechanism and clamping element. The clamping force part is used to generate the power source and transmit the force to the intermediate transmission mechanism; The intermediate transmission mechanism, as a force increasing mechanism, can change the direction and size of the force and produce a self-locking effect, so as to ensure that the workpiece can still be reliably clamped under the cutting force during the machining process or when the power source disappears; The clamping element is used to bear the clamping force transmitted by the intermediate transmission mechanism and directly contact the workpiece to perform the clamping action. The parametric graphic database and performance database of clamping cylinder, clamping element, direct clamping mechanism and self-locking clamping mechanism are established. The CAD of clamping mechanism is realized by querying the performance database of clamping mechanism, modifying the parametric graphic parameters of clamping mechanism and using the interactive design method

guide device the function of the CAD system guide device is to ensure the correct position between the tool and the workpiece and between the tools, and improve the support rigidity of the tool system. The correct selection and design of the guiding device plays an important role in ensuring the machining accuracy and the reliable work of the machine tool. The parameterized graphic database and performance database of fixed guide sleeve, inner rolling guide device and outer rolling guide device are established. The CAD of guide device is realized by querying the performance database of guide device, modifying the parameterized graphic parameters of guide device, and using the interactive design method

computer aided analysis and calculation of typical fixture clamping force under the condition of ensuring normal and reliable operation of the machine tool, the smaller the clamping force, the better. If the clamping force is blindly increased, the following consequences will be caused: the size of the fixture driving mechanism is increased; The fixture is too large to improve the rigidity of the fixture associated with the clamping force; It increases the deformation of workpiece during clamping and affects the machining accuracy. Therefore, it is very important to determine the clamping force correctly. Computer aided analysis and calculation of typical fixture clamping force include: analysis and calculation of the clamping force of screw clamping mechanism, wedge clamping mechanism, eccentric clamping mechanism and other clamping mechanisms. The Modular Machine Tool Fixture CAD system adopts the interactive design method, which is flexible and widely applicable, and can meet various processing requirements. The system realizes the interactive drawing of modular machine tool fixture by establishing the graphic library of each component of fixture and the parametric graphic library of feature parts, and using the parametric graphic information management system

the CAD system can determine the scheme of automatic line of modular machine tools, draw three-dimensional graphics of automatic line of modular machine tools, and manage the general component structure and performance database of modular machine tools. These three parts are realized by three independent processes. The dynamic data exchange technology (DDE) between multiple processes under Windows environment is used to realize the dynamic data exchange among three independent processes, and the scheme design of modular machine tool with the following machine tool configuration types is completed: multi axle box horizontal machining, multi axle box vertical machining, multi axle box inclined machining, boring head horizontal machining, boring head vertical machining, boring head inclined machining, drilling head horizontal machining Vertical machining of drilling head, inclined machining of drilling head, horizontal machining of tapping head, vertical machining of tapping head, inclined machining of tapping head, horizontal machining of milling head, vertical machining of milling head and inclined machining of milling head. There are two methods of computer aided design of Modular Machine Tool General Drawing: automatic design and human-computer interaction design. Automatic design is completed from the structural scheme to the final drawing at one time, while interactive design is a method for users to participate, interactively select components, determine models and locate. Modular machine tool is a special machine tool composed of serial and standardized general components and special components designed according to the shape of the workpiece and the requirements of processing technology. Therefore, the characteristics of modular machine tool determine its computer-aided design method. Its universality is completed by computer, while its specificity is realized by users with the help of computer, which avoids the limitations of poor applicability and narrow design area of automatic design. The modular machine tool general drawing parameterized graphic information management system is a man-machine interactive design system developed under the windows environment. It integrates windows SDK technology, database technology and ads technology for the secondary development of graphic software. It provides engineering designers with a very convenient and efficient tool for designing the general drawing of machine tools. The system is applicable to the machining processes of drilling, expanding, reaming, spot facing, boring, milling, tapping and other machine tools. The machine tools are configured as single station horizontal, vertical, inclined and composite modular machine tools, mobile workbench modular machine tools, and rotary workbench modular machine tools

modular machine tool plus

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