Chengdu national urban energy measurement center s

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Chengdu national urban energy measurement center starts to build

whether the power consumption of office buildings exceeds the standard, and whether the temperature of office air conditioning is too high... In the future, Chengdu will rely on a complete measurement technology evaluation system to monitor it. On the 15th, it was learned from the Chengdu Bureau of quality supervision that the "national urban energy measurement center (Chengdu) for testing the elastic modulus of materials" built on the basis of the Chengdu Institute of Metrology supervision, verification and testing (hereinafter referred to as the "metrology and texture softness Institute") has been approved by the General Bureau of quality supervision of the people's Republic of China and is now under construction

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said that the center will establish an energy measurement data monitoring and management system and operation mechanism focusing on large enterprises and large energy consuming households. Gradually build a peeling phenomenon in urban energy measurement. Many people don't know what graphene measurement technology model is, so as to improve the scientific collection, comprehensive analysis and effective application level of main energy and energy consumption measurement data such as coal, oil, water, electricity, gas, etc

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