Chengdu consumers' Association held a press confer

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Chengdu consumers' Association held a briefing on "advocating green decoration"

Chengdu consumers' Association held a briefing on "Gangfeng group has introduced an expert from the national" thousand people plan "every year for three consecutive years to advocate green decoration". If the gasket is damaged, it should be replaced in time

November 12, 2013

[Chinese paint information] on November 5, the Chengdu consumers' Association held a briefing on "advocating green decoration consumption -- comparative test of environmental performance of Chengdu decoration materials", Six national, provincial and municipal mainstream media including China consumer daily, West China Metropolis Daily, Chengdu Business Daily and Chengdu TV station (a) filled in the basic parameters, mainly including the inspection unit, testing unit, batch number, date, experimental ambient temperature, specifications and other reports sent to the meeting

this activity is jointly organized by Chengdu Consumer Association, the green environment Technical Working Committee of China Interior Decoration Association (hereinafter referred to as "green neighborhood committee") and Chengdu Green Home Industry Association (Preparatory). At the briefing, the relevant person in charge of the green neighborhood committee first introduced the background, purpose and significance of the comparative experiment. The standard cited in this comparative test is the "green panel Procurement specification" issued and implemented by the Ministry of Commerce, which is the first wood-based panel industry standard in China to align with international standards, and provides an authoritative reference for consumers' green procurement

Zhuang Weibing, Secretary General of Chengdu Consumer Association, pointed out at the meeting that through this comparative test activity, we hope to let more consumers clarify the concept of green environmental protection, understand the current situation of Chengdu decoration material market, be able to clearly identify green and environmental protection decoration materials, and provide consumers with a reassuring and healthy consumption environment. At the same time, it is also hoped that the manufacturers of decoration materials in our city will consciously abide by the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, learn and understand the relevant spirit of the new consumer law, actively fulfill the social responsibility of enterprises, and provide consumers with products of qualified quality, environmental protection and health

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