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Chengdu CSG glass group low

the second generation of energy-efficient glass products promotion and technical exchange meeting of Chengdu CSG glass group was held in Chongqing. At that time, Shuangyin Low-E (low radiation) energy-saving glass will become the protagonist of promotion through cooperation with several mainstream raw material manufacturers for the automotive interior industry. It is reported that this is the second generation of more efficient and energy-saving glass that CSG Group invested heavily in R & D and production in 2008

it is understood that at present, China's building energy consumption accounts for more than one-third of the country's total energy consumption. The unit energy consumption level of civil and public buildings is four times that of Europe, three times that of the United States, and non energy-saving buildings account for 95%. The energy consumption of heat transfer through doors and windows accounts for about 28% of the building energy consumption, and the energy consumption of air infiltration through doors and windows accounts for about 27%. Low-E glass of CSG group has excellent heat insulation and heat preservation performance

energy saving: the pure silver film covers the door and window glass with "filtration"

according to scientific research and calculation, in the 90 square meter residence in the Pearl River Delta, calculated by the window of 18 square meters per household, using a single piece of colorless glass, the electricity charge of air conditioning for each household due to the window is 650 yuan/year. Using the second-generation double silver Low-E glass can reduce energy consumption by more than 65%. "The characteristic of this glass is that it can strongly reflect the heat in the sun, which is equivalent to the filtered sunlight entering the room only through the cold light source, and the power consumption of air conditioning is greatly reduced." Technical engineer of CSG group

lighting drop troubleshooting noise: make the home light up and the road quiet

low-e glass not only saves energy, but also ensures bright indoor light. It is understood that visible light can pass through Low-E glass evenly. At the same time, the glass is also characterized by noise reduction. "Compared with ordinary single-chip glass, Low-E glass made of insulating glass can raise the indoor quietness to a higher level. Take Low-E insulating glass of 6+12+6c as an example. When inserting a USB flash disk, stop antiviral treatment first; clean hydraulic oil equipment can reduce the outdoor environmental noise to less than 35 dB."

brand: the leader of Low-E glass of CSG group

"CSG's second-generation energy-efficient glass has been used in world-famous landmark buildings such as China Petroleum Building, West Tower of Guangzhou Pearl River New City, Rolex tower in Dubai and Abu Dhabi sky tower." It is understood that CSG group, as the first leader in the production of Low-E glass in China, has now built the largest Low-E glass production base in Chengdu in the southwest and northwest, and has taken the lead in developing second and third-generation products with more excellent performance. It is the first to introduce high-end office buildings and large-scale public buildings into the field of home energy-saving glass in China, so as to bring leapfrog progress to the change of home energy-saving glass and not let the virus make a comeback

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