Chenyanxian, the first generation Forester of the

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Chenyanxian, the first generation Forester of Saihanba mechanical Forest Farm

Chen Yanxian, who is over 70 years old, looks at the old photos and tells the story of that year. Material photo

chenyanxian (the first from the left in the back row) and the dormitory sisters who went to the dam together. The prosperity of the country and the rejuvenation of the nation cannot be achieved without the joint efforts of every individual. Over the past 70 years since the founding of new China, generations of Chinese people have continued to strive for the prosperity of the great motherland, and a large number of typical figures and groups committed to serving the country and doing business have emerged from all walks of life

from today on, this newspaper will launch the column "patriots", which tells the stories of advanced models who have made contributions to national construction and development and ordinary people who have worked tirelessly in ordinary positions, shows the spiritual style of the people who love the motherland and work hard, and further promotes the spirit of patriotic struggle in the whole society. It can be said that professionalism is better

drive north from Weichang County, Hebei, and the terrain gradually rises

under the shadow of the sky, the vast forest sea is connected with the vast grassland, and rivers and lakes are dotted. In front of us is Saihanba mechanical forest farm, which is home to the largest artificial forest in the world

through a forest path, the road turns seven or eight. "Wait, this is not 'Sha Hutong'?" On the bus, 75 year old Chen Yanxian asked a question and got a positive answer from others. She smiled knowingly

Chen Yanxian worked in the forest farm all her life. In those days, the road had many bends and sand dunes on both sides. Walking on the road was like shuttling through an alley made of sand. Today, it is already lush here

"the tree is growing tall again, and I can't recognize it." Outside the car window, the trees galloped, and Chen Yanxian couldn't help singing the song of that year: "in 1962, the educated youth came to Saihanba with enthusiasm, and made great achievements..."

in 1964, 20-year-old Chen Yanxian was in high school in Chengde City, Hebei Province, and her neighbor Liu Wenshi was the head of Saihanba mechanical forest farm

"respond to the national call and plant trees!" That summer, hearing that the forest farm had just been established, and that afforestation needed manpower, Chen Yanxian and her roommates wrote a "letter of application" to the director with the ideal of "going to the place where the motherland needs most"

after a month, after receiving the employment reply, the girls picked up their bags and rushed to the forest farm in large trucks. It's been bumpy for two days and nights. As soon as I get off the bus, I see a desolate place, even there are few decent houses in the field. "At that time, they lived in warehouses and shacks, drank goutangzi water, and ate potatoes and pickles." Chen Yanxian recalled

after the girls went to the dam, they were assigned to work in the nursery of the forest farm. At the beginning, they poured dung in the nursery. "The dung bucket is heavy, not to mention, we must not only endure the unpleasant smell, but also keep up with the movement direction of the prefix 10, which is opposite to that in the tensile experiment, and fall down in circles." At the end of the day, the girls were so tired that they were aching and weak

in winter, the temperature on the dam is often more than minus 40 degrees Celsius, and the wind is accompanied by snowflakes, which makes people breathless. The staff of the forest farm went up the mountain to clean up the residual trees in preparation for afforestation in the coming year. The snow fell below the knee, and everyone had to walk six or seven miles to the mountain with a hemp rope on their back. The male workers were responsible for cutting the residual wood, while the girls tied the wood with ropes and dragged it down the mountain. The snow is deep and there is no road, so you need to use all your strength to drag

"we are competitive. When the competition comes, you drag more, and I drag more than you. The sweat soaks the cotton padded jacket." After working hard for more than a month, from the leaders of the forest farm to ordinary workers, they all looked at Chen Yanxian with new eyes

in 1977, 570000 mu of forest land in the forest farm suffered from "rime" disaster; In 1980, there was a severe drought, and more than 120000 mu of trees died... Chen Yanxian and their reforestation, "at that time, no matter how difficult the conditions are and what difficulties we encounter, we all had a lot of strength in our hearts, that is, we should stick to it and manage the trees well."

more than half a century later, the small trees of that year have grown into big trees, and the wasteland has become a green ocean

the car stopped at the lookout on the mountain, and Chen Yanxian picked up the photo. After retirement, one of her great joys is to go back to the forest farm and see the trees grow tall, just like watching her children grow up

someone asked Chen Yanxian, if you know how to install and operate the concrete pressure testing machine, would you like to choose to take root in Saihan dam again

in fact, she has already answered this question with action. In 1976, Chen Yanxian's mother found a receiving unit for her in the urban area of Chengde, and went to Bashang to call her daughter back. Chen Yanxian chose to stay in Saihanba, and she was reluctant to part with this thriving forest

"the people of Saihanba exchanged their youth, sweat and life for this million mu forest sea. We have completed the task assigned by our motherland and are proud of it all our lives!" Chen Yanxian smiled. (Zhang tengyang)

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