These hardware workers will be eliminated in 2018

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In 2018, these hardware people will be eliminated

at a time when the market-shaped trapezoidal screw is sliding and friction is booming, consumers urgently need suppliers to sell things to them. As long as they can get goods from manufacturers, they can make money. All hardware dealers look like cattle dealers. But if the market is depressed, and it may continue to be depressed? At this time, some hardware workers will be eliminated by the industry! So, what kind of people will be eliminated

as a vehicle testing instrument, the universal experimental machine hardware people will be eliminated

1. The common mantra of hardware people who rely on manufacturer support

is that if the manufacturer gives policy support, I will purchase, and if not, I will not purchase. If the manufacturer pays for support, I will do activities. If not, I will not do activities. I will recruit more salespeople if the manufacturer gives subsidies and wages, and I will not recruit salespeople if the manufacturer does not give subsidies. I'll run more if the manufacturer gives subsidies for expansion, and I can't run without support. "Manufacturer support" is his key word

2. Shake hands shopkeeper type

shake hands shopkeepers who don't care about everything. Because I made some money doing hardware, I entrusted my business to my family or relatives and spent a lot of time drinking. As long as you can make money, it doesn't matter what the market situation is like. When it is found that there is no money, the market is hopeless

3. Pie in the sky

people from top to bottom sit in hardware stores all day. At present, they commute to and from work like white-collar workers. They don't know how the market changes. They are complacent when they sell some products. They watch boring videos and chat with computer landlords all day. They always think that one day the brand is famous, and they can make money by themselves if they produce a perfect product. In fact, he doesn't know that brands need to be accumulated, and success needs to be accumulated

4. Complain about the lack of market type

in his mouth, he often says that the hardware market is bad now. It's hot at noon, no one comes to the store, it's cold, no one goes out, it's raining today, and it's useless to have fewer people at night. In his mouth, there are negative, decadent and lazy language vocabulary signals every day. Only know oneself sigh, do not know to explore the market trajectory

5. Procrastination

doing anything is slow in 3 beats. It takes several months to shop. It takes about 10 people to discuss a thing. The plan is postponed again and again, and the activities are delayed. People are always unable to recruit. They think they are carefully investigating the hardware market and employees, and don't want to waste a penny

6. The center of gravity is easy to deviate

is always looking for new lovers and pursuing new stimulation and goals. In his heart, he always believes that the failure of the market is definitely not a problem of the market, not his ability, but the failure to choose a good hardware brand, so he must do one thing every year is to choose a new brand to do it. These waste of resources are repeated every year

7. Hardware people like

are especially able to say that one set sounds really correct, and it is also very logical and common sense. They have said it many times and for many years, but there is really not much implementation. Even if they take action, they will stop immediately after just testing. There is no effect, but you find that he still condescends, which is divided into upper and lower condescending points, where he talks endlessly

8. Ultra low price emotional type

many of them are trained by miscellaneous brands and low-end brands. They are more sensitive to price than everyone. As long as you set a price, he will think it is very high, because in his mind, only cheap ones are easy to buy, but let's think about it. If we multiply it by 2 as the sales profit, then we will price the product at 28 yuan or 16 yuan, which one will have a more considerable profit

9. Confused type

in fact, he doesn't even have messy ideas. Instead, he follows the market, wanders around the world, or secretly records something and comes back to practice. In the process, he doesn't need to negotiate with others. Work hard alone. What he needs more is knowledge to communicate with more people, so as to truly understand the needs of customers

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