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Hejian's "pulse taking consultation" on safety production in the glass products industry recently, Hejian Safety Supervision Bureau carried out safety management observation and law enforcement inspection in Xinhua glass products Co., Ltd. in xingbieying Township, and invited personnel of the Safety Production Supervision Detachment of Cangzhou Safety Supervision Bureau and safety production experts to "pulse taking consultation" on safety production in the glass products industry in Hejian, The safety supervision station personnel from five related towns in Hejian and the heads of more than 30 glass products enterprises participated in the observation

Cangzhou Safety Production Supervision Detachment and a group of 8 safety experts inspected the production, packaging, warehouse and other workshops of the enterprise, checked the establishment of safety production materials of the enterprise, and gave safety standard guidance to the person in charge of the enterprise and construction workers on site. After the observation, an exchange meeting was held with the participation of Cangzhou Safety Production Supervision Detachment, safety experts, Hejian municipal Safety Supervision Bureau for improving quality stability and service life, and heads of glass products enterprises. At the meeting, the person in charge of each glass enterprise carefully filled in the risks and hidden dangers found in the observation process, and the experts deeply analyzed the problems and rectification suggestions of the enterprise in terms of safety production. The heads of the observation enterprises unanimously said that they had benefited a lot. After the meeting, they will carefully check and carry out self-examination and self correction, and do a good job in troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers. Liulianhua, director of Hejian Safety Supervision Bureau, said that all glass enterprises should take this observation and law enforcement as an opportunity to effectively improve safety awareness, establish and improve enterprise management system, carry out comprehensive, in-depth and detailed self-examination by themselves, and work hard on details to cut off the source of potential safety hazards. At the same time, Hejian Safety Supervision Bureau will carry out patrol supervision to show that the puncture cone has been connected to the contact mold to track the effect

this observation and law enforcement inspection of glass products enterprises is an important measure for Hejian Safety Supervision Bureau to implement the spirit of Cangzhou safety production action meeting, and it is also one of the important activities of safety production month. The focus is to teach enterprises the troubleshooting methods of hidden dangers, improve the ability of enterprises to find risks and troubleshoot hidden dangers, innovate supervision methods, enable enterprises to learn and improve in observing and observing law enforcement activities, and achieve the effect of "inspecting an enterprise and governing an industry"

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