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Dialogic helix was shortlisted as the best LTE core network product in Asia in lte2014

dialogic helix was shortlisted as the best LTE core network product in Asia in lte2014

-- leading experts in the industry unanimously recognized dialogic's contribution to the LTE field

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september 11, 2014 - dialogic, the owner of the network fuel brand, announced today, The company was nominated for the best LTE core network product award at the first LTE Asia Awards LTE Asia industry leading expert group was nominated for the excellent access terminal of bordernet diameter services helix, which affirmed the innovative achievements and achievements of dialogic in the field of LTE

bordernet helix represents the next generation diameter signaling controller (DSC). This product is a carrier integrated device that provides rapid innovation and signaling services in mobile, IPX, Wi Fi, IMS and fixed network environments Bordernet helix perfectly integrates the characteristics of multi-party protocol interconnection, diameter edge agent (DEA) and diameter routing agent (DRA), forming a complete and easy-to-use platform, extending the functions of existing diameter routing solutions and all possible use methods supported by current DSC

helix supports interconnected scenarios including diameter, radius and SS7, and provides real-time customized services and enhanced logic for fast entities with external subscribers and policy databases through LDAP, soap, XML and HTML

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we are glad to be recognized for our contributions. We help network service providers solve their problems by making effective use of the large-scale investment in LTE network. Jim Machi, vice president of product management, said, "we think this is recognition of helix's next-generation DSC features, which will help network service providers better control and improve their variability in their 3G, 4G and Wi Fi networks."

this year's LTE Asia signaling day will be held at the marina Sands Hotel in Singapore on September 23, 2014. At that time, Machi will be a guest speaker to discuss how network service providers can ensure the relevance of their services through customization and flexibility of services

Dialogic, the brand owner of dialogic

Network fuel, encourages leading global service providers and application developers with a market share of less than 1% of all experimental machines to improve the performance of rich media communications that are the first to enter the network. We have improved the reliability of any network interconnection to ensure that the quality of the foundation is much more than 40 times that of the pendulum, expanded the impact of applications, and improved the capacity of congested networks. 48 of the world's top 50 mobile operators and about 3000 application developers around the world have chosen dialogic to explore unlimited possibilities so that users can experience services that exceed expectations

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