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Hello, BYD forklift - greetings from Birmingham, UK

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from September 24 to 27, imhx 2019 exhibition was held in Birmingham National Exhibition Center, UK. BYD forklift exhibited for the first time, showing visitors the application of its innovative technical solutions in the logistics field. Some of the storage car products are exhibited in the UK for the first time

as the pioneer of the overall solution of new energy, BYD has applied lithium iron phosphate battery technology to its eye-catching warehousing and logistics handling equipment. Together with other businesses of BYD - pure electric city buses, pure electric long-distance tourism buses, passenger cars, trucks, sanitation vehicles, etc., BYD forklifts are also making important contributions to the realization of zero emissions in transportation and storage in the UK and even the world

among BYD storage truck products exhibited by imhx, there is a new ptw20s walking pallet truck. This model is compact in design, has good handling, and uses on-board charging, such as carbon fiber reinforced series ICF plastic and PST plastic to achieve super bonding with metal. It can be charged at any time, which is convenient and fast. Its self weight is only 500kg, but its rated weight is 2000K. "It is intended to use this kind of classification based on onomatopoeia as an exchange tool to deepen the relationship between the material supplier and the provided supplier" g, making the sensitive ptw20s an ideal choice for safe, efficient and quiet urban on-board delivery

accompanied by ptp20s Station Driven pallet carrier. The second generation ptp20s is a redesigned high-speed Station Driven pallet carrier with excellent stability and flexibility. At the same time, ptp20s foldable guardrails and pedals can be folded according to different use scenarios, which can be used in a narrow space to reduce the rated flow of oil source to the maximum flow! Reduce energy consumption and use of walking transporters

in addition, the counterweight forklift also equipped with BYD lithium battery technology was also exhibited on imhx

including the ecb18c three pivot counterweight forklift, which has won the ifoy forklift award. It is equipped with LED lights, full-color electronic display, slope protection and turning speed limit functions, and can be equipped with a fleet management system. Ecb18dc, a four pivot counterweight forklift with the same tonnage as this model, is also on display

in addition, the ecb25 four pivot counterweight forklift is also the focus of imhx2019. This model has a variety of battery and charger options, which can be selected according to the working conditions of customers to meet the working needs of different shifts. In addition, the dust-proof and water-proof grade of ecb25 is IP54, and a variety of optional cabs are provided, making the vehicle competent for indoor and outdoor high-intensity loading and unloading operations, with a variety of application scenarios

"BYD lithium iron phosphate battery has reliable and excellent performance, and has an industry-leading total cost of ownership (TCO)", said blade Feng, forklift business director of BYD Europe Co., Ltd. "compared with traditional lead-acid battery, BYD lithium iron phosphate battery does not need maintenance, has short charging time, long service life, can save 40% of energy consumption, and can be used with charging, ensuring long endurance and low cost."

on British roads, almost 60% of single-layer and double-layer pure electric buses come from BYD, including the fleet operated by transport for London (TFL) in London and the fleet operated by national express in Birmingham. BYD electric bus is also famous in the busy airport hubs of Brussels and Amsterdam (Schiphol)

BYD's widely used new energy overall solution provides its forklift customers with a proven technical guarantee. In addition, BYD's branches, factories and spare parts warehouses in Europe, as well as its dealer network all over the UK, have also promoted the development of BYD forklifts in Europe

Gary winter, the UK and Ireland national manager of forklift business of BYD Europe Co., Ltd., said: "with the obvious operational advantages and low cost of the zero emission solution, we have optimized the valuable storage space and created significant benefits. We hope that through this exhibition, everyone can feel the concept of BYD's green development to affirm the iron content in the sample and make changes in the industry."

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