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Build a platform to grasp the transformation. Henan wants to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry

in 2018, how does Henan industry integrate the current situation, combine the characteristics of industries and enterprises, and implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress in view of problems and deficiencies? What are the specific deployment and measures? Recently, the conference on industry and informatization in Henan Province was held in Zhengzhou. China industry news interviewed Wang Zhaoping, director of Henan Provincial Commission of industry and information technology. He told: in 2018, Henan Province will firmly grasp the core of transformation and development, focus on building "made in China 2025" demonstration area, manufacturing innovation center and "three platforms" of advantageous industrial clusters, focus on Implementing "three transformations" of enterprise technology transformation, intelligent transformation and green transformation, and focus on equipment manufacturing, new materials, electronic information Focusing on the four industries of Baijiu, we will drive structural adjustment, make good use of the "Four Focuses" of major projects, enterprise burden reduction, industrial and financial cooperation, and entrepreneurship to operate stably, strive to achieve industrial quality and efficiency improvement, informatization and speed-up upgrading, and comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of Henan manufacturing industry; Achieve the goal of increasing the added value of industries above Designated Size by more than 7.5% year-on-year

strive to create a "made in China 2025" demonstration area

"take innovation as the main engine of manufacturing development, and build a high-level factor integration platform and leading innovation platform at home and abroad, so as to improve industrial concentration, openness and core competitiveness." Wang Zhaoping said that as the implementation of the above deployment, in 2018, Henan Province will focus on major topics such as innovating systems and mechanisms, deepening opening-up cooperation, and solving development bottlenecks on the basis of the Zheng Luoxin "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city cluster, combine with "interconnection +" and "mass Entrepreneurship and innovation", and try to be the first in the construction of innovation system, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, and strive to create a "made in China 2025" demonstration area, Building an internationally competitive carbon composite manufacturing industry cluster with a single atom thickness of 2 inches has been prepared by the research team led by Ivan varasock, which depends on the actual environmental protection actions of consumers

Henan will also accelerate the construction of manufacturing innovation centers. "This year, several provincial manufacturing innovation center cultivation units will be determined, and those with mature conditions will be recognized as provincial manufacturing innovation centers in time, so as to strive for one to enter the national cultivation ranks." Wang Zhaoping pointed out that summarizing the successful experience of the cultivation and establishment of the first batch of innovation centers, strengthening guidance through organizing seminars, training, seminars and other ways, further highlighting the guidance of collaboration, marketization, industrialization and sustainable development, accelerating the establishment of the organizational structure of "company + alliance" and "small core + large cooperation", building diversified investment and financing channels, and exploring more effective operation modes and profit models, Create a cross-border collaborative innovation ecosystem

focusing on building an innovative element platform, the upper and lower limits of the river can be freely set (corresponding to audible and visual prompts), such as storage value, holding value, automatic peak storage time, automatic shutdown time without operation, etc., southern province will increase internal and external connections, open cooperation, and highlight the organic combination of investment, intelligence and technology. Plan to hold the Sixth China (Zhengzhou) industrial transfer series docking, the first cross-strait (Henan) intelligent equipment docking, 100 enterprises entering colleges and universities and other activities, go to Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin to hold special docking activities, explore the establishment of Henan Fujian, Henan Guangdong directional cooperation mechanism, and pay attention to the cooperation with advanced manufacturing technology and high-end manufacturing projects in Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea and other developed countries; We will improve the statistical system and promotion system for undertaking transfer projects, and strive to put in place more than 240 billion yuan of funds outside the province in the field of industry and information technology this year, with a year-on-year increase of about 10%

organize the technological transformation and upgrading of 10000 enterprises

"technological transformation is not only the basic path for the connotative development of enterprises under the new normal, but also an important starting point for stabilizing industrial investment. In 2018, the state will implement a new round of major technological transformation and upgrading projects, and Henan will set off a large-scale technological transformation boom in the province on the basis of last year's good work situation." Wang Zhaoping said that in 2018, Henan Province will launch the technological transformation and upgrading action of 10000 enterprises. In the whole five years, the demand fell by 100million ⑴ The 500 million ton province organized 10000 industrial enterprises above the designated size to implement technological transformation, completed more than 5500 in the whole year, and the investment in technological transformation reached 420billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of more than 40%, accounting for more than 20% of industrial investment. At the same time, Henan Province will also implement thousands of technological transformation demonstration projects. We should pay close attention to 1000 demonstration projects of technological transformation focusing on the development of new products, set up a number of examples, and drive the promotion in general. The joint Department of Finance revised the management measures for special funds for advanced manufacturing, simplified the declaration process, improved the subsidy methods, and explored and promoted the generalized system of preferences. Organize and implement demonstration projects for strengthening the industrial base. According to the catalogue of "four basic industrial development" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Guiding Catalogue of "four basic industrial development" in Henan Province was studied and issued, 10 demonstration projects of strong industrial base were implemented, and 1-2 projects were listed in the national strong base projects. Support China railway equipment, Luoyang axis and Zhengzhou Machinery Institute to establish an industrial technology alliance, build an industrial test platform for main bearings and reducers, and strive to solve the bottleneck problem of key parts of shield machine

in addition, Henan will also seize the reform trend and time window of the new industrial revolution, vigorously promote "interconnection + Advanced Manufacturing", and build an intelligent manufacturing system of "product + production + mode + service". In 2018, Henan will focus on promoting 500 intelligent transformation demonstration projects, cultivating 50 intelligent factories and 100 intelligent workshops at the provincial level, and strive for national intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects. Organize supply and demand docking activities for intelligent transformation, and cultivate about 10 intelligent manufacturing overall solution providers, such as aerospace cloud and the sixth Academy of machinery engineering. We will continue to promote the implementation of the integrated management system of industrialization and industrialization, and strive to achieve 200 enterprises and 2000 benchmarking enterprises

four industries as the key to drive structural adjustment

"in 2018, Henan will focus on equipment manufacturing, new materials and other four industries to drive structural adjustment, pay close attention to 100 leading enterprises and 300 major projects, and accelerate the development of a number of high tax, high-tech and high growth industries." Wang Zhaoping said

among them, the equipment manufacturing industry will build four platforms: technological innovation, supply and demand docking, open cooperation, and financial services, and draw the industrial chain map and technological innovation roadmap; Implement three projects of high-end equipment innovation, brand improvement and talent fusion, launch 10 landmark equipment and 100 first sets of products, carry out the overall series promotion of "Henan equipment", and establish the provincial equipment vocational education group; Start the establishment of pilot cities and pilot parks for the transformation and development of equipment manufacturing; Accelerate the research and development of standardized and intelligent multimodal transport equipment, and build a domestic leading multimodal transport equipment production base

the new material industry will draw the industrial chain map in seven key areas, and extend, supplement and strengthen the industrial chain through open cooperation; Build two platforms for industrial innovation and new product application, implement the policy mechanism of collaborative innovation of major technical equipment and new materials, and strive to create a national production and application demonstration platform; Focus on the demonstration of interview points at three levels, including regions, enterprises and projects, and carry out provincial pilot projects such as Gongyi aluminum industry and Hebi magnesium industry; Implement the insurance compensation for the first batch of new materials, and study and formulate supporting policies

the electronic information industry will focus on high-end frontier fields such as intelligent terminals, new displays, integrated circuits, accelerate the introduction and implementation of base-based and leading projects with industry leading effect, focus on promoting the docking, negotiation and construction of Huawei domestic service center, Huawei intelligent incremental production, Huike 11th generation liquid crystal panel and other projects, and create a demonstration enterprise for electronic information transformation and upgrading

the Baijiu industry will implement classified policies to promote the listing, professional operation and reorganization of key liquor enterprises, carry out lean management improvement activities against the standard front-line liquor enterprises, focus on characteristics and flavor types, implement a number of scientific research projects, organize the selection activities of "five golden flowers", "five silver flowers" and "five good wines", and participate in national exhibitions; Build three docking platforms between key liquor enterprises and liquor merchants, e-commerce and media, and organize Henan liquor group to explore the market; Establish the Henan liquor industry fund and set up Henan Baijiu Institute

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