Henan Gaoyuan launched the third generation of rub

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Henan Gaoyuan launched the third generation of rubber asphalt production equipment

recently, the third generation of intelligent rubber asphalt production equipment gyxl3515 rubber asphalt production equipment developed by Henan Gaoyuan highway maintenance Co., Ltd. was officially launched. It is understood that the device is not only very convenient for mobile transition, but also functionally. 2. Conference content: the latest policies of biological high molecular materials, the latest development status and trends, and the latest R & D technology exchange have many highlights. For example, the equipment is equipped with a central computer for centralized control and continuous weighing method with the progress of science and technology; Adopt high-power heat-conducting oil furnace and large-area heat exchanger that meet national standards to reduce the temperature of asphalt supply and avoid asphalt aging to the greatest extent. According to the test data statistics, during the use of the equipment, the asphalt flows at a flow rate of 20 tons per hour, and the temperature rise can reach 45~65 degrees. In 2003, Henan Gaoyuan began to set up a rubber asphalt research group, and launched the first domestic rubber asphalt production equipment in 2006. The gyxl3515 intelligent rubber asphalt production equipment launched this time is the company's third-generation product

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