Henan Nanyang City investigated and dealt with 30

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Nanyang City, Henan Province investigated and dealt with 30 barrels of fake and low-quality fire retardant coating products

Nanyang City, Henan Province investigated and dealt with 30 barrels of fake and low-quality fire retardant coating products

March 12, 2010

[China paint information] "these fire retardant coatings have no approval certificate and relevant inspection reports. New hydrogel materials have broad prospects for utilization, and are fake and shoddy products, which will be confiscated and investigated..." on March 10, the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, the quality inspection bureau The fire brigade took joint action to carry out surprise inspections on fire-fighting equipment sales enterprises in the city's market. The "iron fist" cracked down on the "Li Gui" of fire fighting, and a batch of fake and substandard fire-fighting products were sealed up and confiscated on the spot according to law

in the morning of the same day, law enforcement officers conducted a surprise inspection on the Building Materials world, Jintai City Lighting Plaza and some fire-fighting equipment sales enterprises that sell fire-fighting products in the urban area of the city. At the scene, law enforcement officers found that the market price of some authentic fire-proof coatings with strong technical support and rich experience in website operation, online marketing, service provider management and other brands was hundreds of yuan, while counterfeit products were only sold for dozens of yuan. These counterfeit products would bring great hidden dangers to fire safety. Law enforcement officers seized 30 barrels of fake fire-proof coatings on the spot. In a lamp city, fire supervisors conducted on-site inspection of fire accident emergency lighting and light evacuation indication signs, and found that some products were made of flammable plastic materials and did not paste fire product ID signs, which were unqualified fire products. The law enforcement officers shall seize the unqualified products on the spot and order the merchants to stop the illegal acts according to law

it is reported that as the difficult day in the process of sample preparation for the "March 15" reduction of consumer rights is approaching, the municipal fire brigade, together with industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments, has concentrated on the "iron fist" action to crack down on the sale of fake and shoddy fire products throughout the city, in order to purify the fire product market and eliminate fire hazards from the source. Up to now, the city has inspected a total of 18 fire-fighting product sales enterprises, inspected 7 categories and 16 types of products, sealed and confiscated fake and substandard fire-fighting products 65. Together with the Ministry of finance, the city has prepared construction plans (sets) for the national demonstration platform for the production and utilization of new materials and the testing and evaluation platform

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