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Recently, the second film factory of lucky group formally established Henan printing and imaging engineering technology research center on the basis of integrating the technological innovation resources in the factory. The establishment plan of the research center has passed the defense of the establishment application, expert review and on-site acceptance organized by the Department of science and technology of Henan Province, and has been officially approved for establishment and operation

according to the introduction, Henan printing image engineering technology research center will focus on the technological innovation of the second film factory of lucky group, the quality can pass the customs and the needs of product structure adjustment, and based on the plastic deformation of the existing core technology and scientific research results, strengthen the research on new printing image materials, new processes and industrialized engineering technology, with the goal of developing technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights, Provide technical support and guarantee for the factory to expand and strengthen Huaguang brand. The research center will rely on the second film factory of lucky group, implement independent financial accounting, and accept the guidance, supervision and assessment of the Provincial Department of science and technology. (Zhao Guoqing)

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