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Henan will tackle eight high energy consuming industries such as energy conservation and chemical industry

according to the Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission, this year Henan Province will organize the implementation of the "833" energy conservation plan, that is, in eight key high energy consuming industries such as power, coal, nonferrous metals, building materials, chemical industry, steel, paper making, textile, accelerate the implementation of coal-fired industrial boilers (kilns) to 12% Transformation, waste heat and pressure utilization, electricity response and propose solutions within 2 hours, energy-saving transformation of machine system and other key energy-saving projects, and strive to implement 305 Test speed: 42 ± 2rpm 0 key energy-saving projects, achieving energy savings of 3million tons of standard coal

these eight industries are the main pillar industries of Henan's industrial economy. Due to the "heavy" and "black" industrial economic structure, the conservation and utilization of resources and energy has always been the key areas of energy conservation and emission reduction in Henan. According to reports, Henan Province will continue to organize the implementation of the year-end energy conservation monitoring plan, with key energy users and public institutions as the monitoring focus, carry out on-site energy conservation monitoring of their energy utilization, and complete the provincial energy utilization monitoring and information management system

at the same time, Henan Province will also implement local standards for energy consumption quotas per unit product in nonferrous metals, electric power, building materials, steel, coal and other industries, formulate local standards for energy consumption quotas per unit product in chemical, textile, paper and other industries, and carry out benchmarking of key energy consuming enterprises in building materials, chemical, electric power and other industries, which can provide excellent gas barrier performance and chemical resistance performance

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