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Huatai shares joined hands with Stora Enso to build a project of high-grade overpressure paper minus about 50million students (high school and University)

Huatai shares (600308), the country's largest paper production enterprise, began to enter the field of special paper. On April 25, the company signed an agreement with Stora Enso of Finland, a world-famous paper manufacturing group, in Beijing. The two sides will jointly build a 200000 ton high-grade overpressure paper project in Dongying, Shandong Province, specializing in the production of publishing paper

Stora Enso is the world's largest paper giant. It and Huatai entered the preparatory stage of establishing a joint venture in 2004. The two sides have been conducting pre feasibility studies on the production of publishing paper in China. The total investment of the high-grade overpressure paper project jointly constructed by the two sides reached about US $100million. Both sides contributed in cash, and Stora Enso will hold 60% of the equity. The civil construction of the project will begin in September this year. The imported equipment can be delivered to the site according to the hardness of the experimental materials during the Spring Festival in 2007. The installation and commissioning of the equipment will be carried out in May 2007, and it will be officially put into operation at the end of 2007. After being fully put into operation, the project will produce 200000 tons of high-grade overpressure paper and other publishing papers made of recycled fibers. 20% of the products are exported and 80% are sold in the domestic market

advanced overpressure paper is a new kind of paper that has developed rapidly in recent 20 years. Its quality is between paper and traditional low weight coated paper (LWC). It has high smoothness and gloss. It can replace light coated paper and coated paper. It is widely used in the printing of international advanced level benchmarking, advertising, catalogue and samples. Its main raw materials are recycled waste paper and magazine paper. The consumption of high-grade overpressure paper in the European and American markets has increased by more than 7% annually, while the Chinese market has just started and has great room for development. At present, there is no domestic enterprise producing this kind of paper. After the project is put into operation, it will fill the domestic gap and meet the growing domestic demand for offset paper

Li Jianhua, chairman of the company, said in an interview that Finland has rich forestry resources, and the forest paper industry occupies a leading position in the world. Stora Enso, as the world's largest paper group, has rich experience in forestry investment and research, and has a global marketing network. As the largest paper enterprise in China, Huatai Co., Ltd. is very familiar with the domestic paper market. This strong alliance between the two sides will not only greatly improve the management and technical level of Huatai Co., Ltd., but also Stora Enso will obtain more business opportunities in China to achieve a win-win situation for both sides in the global market

source of information: China Securities Journal

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