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Huatai Automobile Holding Shuguang shares to build a first-class new energy vehicle group. Zhang Hongliang, chairman of Huatai Automobile, said at the Shuguang strategic restructuring cadre conference held on September 28 that after the strategic restructuring of Huatai and Shuguang, Huatai Automobile will increase its support for Shuguang shares, allocate more resources, give full play to the advantages of complementary products, resources and channels of both sides, and realize deep integration, Build a first-class new energy vehicle group in China

Zhang Hongliang said, "the biggest task facing Huatai and dawning transformation is to comprehensively move towards new energy vehicles, and there is no choice, because electrification, intelligence and integration will be the core theme of the future development of the automotive industry."

Huatai Automobile is one of the first independent automobile enterprises to set foot in the new energy automobile industry. At present, Huatai Xinneng 1.21 ~ 1.40 source has mastered the core technologies of vehicle control system, power battery management system, motor controller and vehicle lightweight, and has independent intellectual property rights of pure electric passenger vehicles. Shuguang has mastered the new energy vehicle control technology, Battery Management System BMS technology, remote intelligent monitoring platform technology, micro light swing lever lift travel switch should be completed without power shortage to drive the axle and electric drive module and other technologies. In this joint venture, the two sides will focus on the development of new energy vehicle and core system industries. It is expected to improve the overall competitiveness through the integration of energy conservation, new energy and intelligent interconnection in the future, so as to lay a foundation for the deepening layout of Huatai Automobile in the future

Zhang Hongliang also focused on the future development strategy of Huatai Automobile after the integration of the two sides, and called it the "23321" project. Specifically, first, we should deepen our efforts in two major areas, consolidate traditional vehicles and focus on new energy vehicles; Second, the main models of SUV, sedan, pickup truck "three arrows at once", while promoting the bus, light passenger, special vehicles, Huatai little bee and other models; The third is to vigorously play the "two bombs and one satellite", namely the engine, transmission and dawn axle; Fourth, expand domestic and international markets. Domestically, seize the county and rural markets with pickup trucks as the starting point, enter the third and fourth tier cities with Huatai SUVs, new energy cars, Shuguang light passenger cars and Huatai little bees as the starting point, and develop the metropolitan market with Huanghai buses, Huatai logistics vehicles and car hailing, which can only determine the TIR value, as well as seize the opportunity of the "the Belt and Road" and implement the "going out" strategy, Actively layout overseas markets; Fifth, we will finally achieve a goal, that is, to build Huatai into a domestic first-class independent brand new energy vehicle group

some insiders believe that after this restructuring, Huatai Automobile's passenger car sales channels and platforms, which have been cultivated for many years, will also help Shuguang's vehicle promotion and further expand its sales scope. The advantages of complementary products, complementary resources, complementary markets, complementary regional layout, complementary talents and marketing models will effectively enhance the overall competitiveness of the company

Zhang Hongliang said that after the integration of Huatai Automobile and Shuguang Co., Ltd., it will further innovate its business model and form a manufacturing service-oriented company integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service, with new energy vehicles, traditional vehicles and core components as its strategic core business, automotive finance, financial leasing, post market and "smart travel" as its supporting business

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