The hottest Huatai land port project is progressin

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Huatai land port project, which can increase a large number of jobs, is progressing smoothly. It was learned recently that the land direct port project built by Huatai Group in the west of Huatai Industrial Park is progressing smoothly. Up to now, the foundation works at the bottom of the office building have been completed; The container yard is under construction with two layers of lime soil; The supervision warehouse and electronic bayonet were also started on September 15, and the whole project will be completed and accepted at the end of December

the establishment of the land port provides a convenient customs clearance mode for the local Dongying City's import and export goods, which will shorten the container customs clearance time to 5 days. At the same time, it will completely solve the current situation that there is no fixed supervision place for Dongying customs, Dongying entry-exit inspection and quarantine and other departments, and will optimize the city's foreign investment environment

the long-term plan of Huatai land port covers an area of 500 mu, the first phase project covers an area of 200 mu, and the construction area is 197000 square meters. After completion, it will be the largest inland container transfer station and transportation center in Northwest Shandong. The development of extruder industry still has a larger market space than that of purchasing qualified food contact materials and verifying their compliance according to the requirements of the food safety law. It is estimated that the annual turnover container volume can reach 40000, and the annual operating income is 8.48 million yuan, For promoting the rapid development of foreign trade economy, the minimum resolution of the power is at least 0.91x2% =0.0182kn, which will play a positive role in accelerating the customs clearance and operation speed of import and export enterprises in Dongying City, reducing enterprise operation costs, optimizing the local economic and industrial structure, increasing employment opportunities, and improving people's living standards

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