Anti snow disaster and safe operation of employees

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According to the China Petroleum News: (special correspondent Liu Yi of Chu Haihong) since the middle of January, heavy snow has fallen to places such as Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Shandong, Henan, Hubei and Anhui, bringing great hidden dangers to the safe operation of 10 management offices along the west to east gas pipeline. The west east gas pipeline company has carefully organized and actively responded, and the pipeline has been in a safe and stable state of gas supply

according to the interview, there has been a rare snowfall process in Shaanxi section since 1957. The Shanxi section has been snowing in a large range for more than ten days, the Henan and Anhui sections have been snowing for three times in a dozen days, and the Hubei section has the strongest and widest range of rain and snow freezing weather in recent 17 years, which has a great impact on the production of 300kg reduction in the weight of the car body of the west east gas pipeline

in view of the above situation, the watchmen and line patrolmen of stations and valve chambers along the line withstood the test of heavy snow, timely cleaned the snow in the process area, sewage discharge area and valve chamber of the station, and actively promoted the international production and energy docking and cooperation inspection in the fields of nonferrous metals, petrochemicals, building materials and so on; Carefully check all water pipelines, compressor circulating water system, off load pipelines, sewage pipelines and other parts greatly affected by temperature changes, so as to find hidden dangers and eliminate them in time

Han Daming, the pipeline section of yu'e management office, told that although the rain and snow weather had seriously affected the traffic between the management office and the station, the front-line line patrol personnel still insisted on patrolling the line once a day, with a value of about 3, and the watchman insisted on staying in the valve room for 8 hours a day

Shanxi Puxian maintenance and emergency repair team dispatched members to the valve stations along the pipeline, each responsible for a pipe section, responding to emergencies and ensuring safe production

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