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Huatong electromechanical Co., Ltd. has won another important honor in succession.

recently, the 2019 national implementation of user satisfaction project promotion conference held by the China Quality Association and the national user committee was grandly held in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province. At the meeting, a number of domestic brands were commended, and Huatong electromechanical Co., Ltd. once again won the title of national user satisfaction Enterprise in 2019

this award is unanimously evaluated by market users, promotion agencies, third-party credit evaluation agencies and expert reviews. Huatong electromechanical Co., Ltd. pays attention to the construction of market quality integrity system, pays attention to user experience, and focuses on product quality, brand building and user service quality improvement. It has constantly innovated management mechanisms and measures, and well fulfilled the core concept of professional manufacturing and dedicated service, It has been fully affirmed by the market and users, and has played a good leading role. And finally recognized as a national user satisfaction enterprise, with the market quality credit rating of AA

over the years, in order to meet the needs of customers and promote the high-quality development of the enterprise, Huatong electromechanical Co., Ltd. has paid close attention to product quality and service quality, and practically took user satisfaction as the core to provide users with satisfactory products and services. First, pay close attention to internal quality management. In terms of internal management of product quality, we have made unremitting efforts, and now we have formed a product quality control system that meets international standards, and formulated an effective quality inspection mechanism to ensure high testing accuracy and prevent problematic products from entering the market from the source; Second, pay attention to the needs of market users. For all users of the company, special personnel are responsible for establishing detailed user files, regularly visiting users according to the relatively complex classification of varieties, writing and contacting users, consulting users' opinions and suggestions, making statistics and analysis of users' suggestions and quality problems, constantly improving enterprise management, continuously improving product quality and service quality, and pursuing perfection to meet users' needs

it is reported that the national customer satisfaction enterprise is a quality activity promoted by the China Quality Association. Objective to establish a quality grading system, promote the construction of China's market quality integrity system, improve the quality integrity awareness and quality legal system awareness of enterprises, have a very wide speed range and beam moving distance, and promote enterprises to firmly establish the business philosophy of quality integrity and user satisfaction. (Xu Gang, Yin Fude)

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