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Huatai Co., Ltd. participated in the two projects and won the first and second prizes of the 2019 National Science and technology progress award

release date: Source: China Securities News · China Securities

Huatai Co., Ltd. announced after the closing on January 10 that the "key technology and industrialization of clean production and water pollution control in the whole process of pulping with professional software paper" participated by the company won the first prize of the 2019 National Science and technology progress award, "The high yield clean drop hammer impact testing machine for mixed materials is mainly divided into two parts: the key technology and industrialization of pulp" won the second prize of the national science and technology progress award

the company said that this award is the affirmation of the country on the technological innovation and R & D ability of the company and relevant application units. As a project participant, the award-winning results reflect the major breakthroughs and achievements made by the company in the introduction of the combined pedal durability test-bed of green development and comprehensive utilization of resources, which will help further improve the company's market competitiveness and brand influence, It will play a vital role in realizing the green and sustainable development of the company and the whole paper industry. The award will have no significant impact on the short-term performance of the company

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