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Huawei 2016 e-government information technology summit was successfully held in Nanchang

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solemn, serious and professional is the image of the Chinese government, which has always been external, reflecting a serious and responsible attitude, but inevitably cast a mysterious color, and also widened the distance from the people. At the beginning of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Committee formulated the 13th five year plan, with the core concepts of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing

how to build a new service-oriented government that can be seen, understood and interacted is in front of all provincial and municipal leaders

on May 20, the 2016 e-government information technology summit of government in service and Yunling future was successfully held in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Huawei, together with the national information center and the Jiangxi Provincial Information Center, jointly invited well-known experts in government affairs, regional leaders, customers and partners to discuss the development trend and direction of e-government, government cloud and other technical hotspots, and visited the construction achievements of the Jiangxi Provincial Information Center. Zhang Yao, senior architect of Huawei data center network solutions, shared the development trend of government cloud, all for the purpose of building network into service (naas)

Zhang Yao, senior architect of Huawei data center network solutions, shared on the spot

agile data center, the heart of government cloud network

with the continuous promotion of government e-government construction, the problem of traditional department centered construction mode has become increasingly prominent. Under the development mode of different regions, repeated construction is frequent, investment waste is serious, and a large number of information islands are caused

how to effectively improve the utilization rate of infrastructure resources, promote the sharing of government resources, realize the rapid deployment of business applications, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of business application systems has become a new topic in front of the government

Huawei's agile data center solution helps Jiangxi build a unified cloud data center and build a green and efficient government cloud. Each government department only needs to deploy the application system developed by itself in the data center, and can make full use of the local area system, server and storage system, load balancing system, backup system, security system, computer room environment, interconnection export and other perfect conditions of the data center to meet the application needs of this department

intensive sharing: Based on Huawei cloud engine series data center switches, deploy vxlan large two-tier network, build a virtual unified resource pool, establish a cloud of interaction and collaboration at the provincial, backup and provincial levels, greatly reduce the phenomenon of islands, and promote cross regional, cross departmental and cross level information sharing

flexible and open: play the role of market clearing through the agile controller Aglie control, interworking with the government cloud platform, unified management from the perspective of the whole network, realize flexible and simple resource management, automatic deployment of business opening, distribution and migration, and refined operation and maintenance of network measurement, visualization and intelligent fault location

safe and reliable: all big data analysis, continuous response to various new attacks and advanced threats on the network; Virtualization technology realizes the logical isolation of different business areas to avoid the leakage and abuse of sensitive data; Six level dual active architecture ensures zero interruption of business applications and zero loss of data on the rotating cylinder of the plotter

on site demonstration of Huawei cloud engine series data center switches

Huawei cloud engine series data center switches are the cornerstone of the government cloud network. In addition to Jiangxi government cloud, cloud engine traffic n=130; It has also been used in the government cloud in Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin and other places, as well as in the networks of customs, taxation and other industries

since its launch in 2012, ce12800 has sold 10000 + units worldwide, serving 120+ countries and 1200+ data centers

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