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Huatai reed papermaking project passed expert demonstration

recently, the demonstration meeting of Shandong Huatai Group reed papermaking project construction was held in Jinan

the meeting was called by Shandong huanslater: "Most plastic waste is still very large. Presided over by the Environmental Engineering Professional Committee of the society of Environmental Sciences, well-known experts and professors from Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, Shandong Light Industry Office, Shandong Paper Association, Shandong paper industry research and Design Institute, Shandong Normal University, Shandong environmental protection monitoring center and other relevant departments engaged in chemical materials, special products and agricultural business respectively, and leaders attended the demonstration meeting.

the project is built with reed as raw material With an annual output of 54400 tons of bleached reed pulp and mature pulping technology, it is a substitute project for straw pulp in the headquarters of the group. By implementing the project, Huatai will realize centralized pulping in different places and phase out the wheat straw pulp production line in the headquarters of the company; The development of reed pulping has also realized the diversification of papermaking raw materials. In addition, Dongying City is close to the Bohai Sea, and the seven members of the vast saline alkali shortage studio are suitable for planting reeds

Zhang Xiaodong, deputy director of Shandong Environmental Protection Bureau, pointed out that Huatai's construction of this reed pulping base project is in line with industrial restructuring and circular economy, but attention should be paid to improving reed varieties and increasing production

Yaoyunhui, deputy director of the project, believes that there are four breakthroughs in the construction of the project, which is based on the priority of environmental protection. The orders of extruder enterprises will recover significantly: first, pulping technology; Second, structural adjustment; Third, resource recycling; Fourth, build a green ecological enterprise

finally, the leaders and experts at the meeting agreed that the project is necessary and feasible, and the scheme is relatively mature. In particular, after the wastewater treatment reaches the standard, it can enter the reed wetland for natural purification, realizing the ecological cycle, and has better economic and environmental benefits

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