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Huatai Group leads the "green" trend of China's paper industry

in recent years, with the full implementation of Huatai Group's "green paper industry" strategy of "building a green life project and creating an environmental friendly ecological paper industry", it has built a unique environmental protection ecological park and become the first green environmental protection ecological paper industry in the national paper industry. It's no harm to ask Jinan Zhongbiao Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. and a "green" trend has also been set off in China's paper industry, Domestic paper-making enterprises have established the strategic direction of "green environmental protection and ecological paper industry" and taken a series of measures to start building a "green paper industry"

during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, Huatai Group insisted on pollution control and resource replacement at the same time. It not only made the treatment of bottle diameter pollution, the largest development of the paper industry, a national "model project", but also actively prepared to build a 700000 Mu reed raw material base, a 600000 Mu fast-growing forest base, and supporting 100000 ton reed pulp plant and 300000 ton APMP pulp plant. Through resource integration, Huatai will gradually realize the integration of forest, pulp and paper, Embark on the road of sustainable development

at the end of April this year, Huatai APMP pulp forest paper modernization project has successfully passed the on-site evaluation and investigation of the expert group. At the same time, Huatai has also reached a planting purchase agreement with Shengli Petroleum Administration Bureau on the computer-controlled raw materials of asparagus and machinery, and the government has launched farmers in nearby areas to plant fast-growing forests

in terms of water resources, Huatai has continuously increased the recycling and secondary utilization of water, improving the comprehensive utilization rate of water. At the same time, in the decision-making of adding new projects, it also considers many aspects from the perspective of water conservation, energy conservation and cleaner production. For example, the 160000 ton/year color offset paper project that they have launched and the 200000 ton light coated paper project that they are launching adopt microcomputer automatic control, The water consumption per ton of paper is less than 8 cubic meters, which is located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, realizing the fully closed recycling of water

at present, Huatai is also implementing the "two high and one excellent" cleaner production project. The water-saving and energy-saving project has been listed in the Sixth Batch of national debt projects, and will be built into a model project of water-saving and energy-saving in the national paper industry. Under the guidance of Huatai, many domestic paper-making enterprises have also begun to develop towards the green paper industry. While increasing pollution control, they are further moving towards sustainable development

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, Huatai will continue to implement the strategy of "invigorating the enterprise through science and technology", further implement the national environmental protection policy of "one control and two standards", closely rely on technological innovation and management innovation, build Huatai into a large non aggression treaty enterprise group with international competitiveness, become the first environmental protection eco industrial tourist attraction in China, and strive to create a new image of China's paper industry

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