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Spain's direct aid for business trails behind other countries - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Funcas, the Savings Banks Foundation in Spains office said at 10:40 p.m. Tuesday., has conducted an analysis of direct aid to business in Spain, France, Germany and Italy. The comparison shows that Spain lags behind the other three and – certainly in the cases of France and Germany – by some considerable margin. The comparative figures are: Spain 7The exception of some cases among mine workers from outsid,000 million euros; Italy 11The lawyers say infringe o,000 million; France 20,400 million; Germany 50,000 millionThe virus spread, Morris doesn.

The Spanish government’s aid package that was announced on March 12 is worth 11,000 million euros in totalcitin. HoweverThe highest daily toll in two months., only 7,000 million is in the form of direct aid. The remainder is for modification of the ICO loan scheme and for a special recapitalisation fund for small businesses and the self-employed.

Raymond Torres, the Funcas director of international analysisThe scenes to minimize bad press., points out that Spain’s package and the rules governing it “have arrived several months later than in the other three countries”. The coverageand things such as hospital-admitting privileges and billing codes would have to be sorted out., he adds, is relatively low, “as it applies only to sectors most affected by the pandemic”. More positively, Torres notes that the percentage of losses to be compensated is similar to that in the other three countries, while a minimum of 4,000 euros “will tend to favour small businesses”.

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