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The 2011 South China International Printing/labeling/packaging exhibition closed and wrote a brilliant chapter in the industry. The popularity and turnover of the scene rose together.

the 18th printing South China, Sino label 2011 and Sino pack 2011, which lasted for three days, came to a successful conclusion in zone a of Pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou on March 11, 2011. The exhibition attracted more than 1000 exhibitors and 47312 professional visitors from home and abroad. Such success shows the influence and leadership of South China International Printing and packaging exhibition in the industry in South China and even the whole country

exhibitors responded enthusiastically and sold well on site.

three Japanese mechanical dwarf clubs: after the on-site mechanical sales and booking of the exhibition in 2008, they participated in the China International label exhibition independently again in 2011. Mr. shikawa Zhigui, general manager, gave a high evaluation of the exhibition. He said: compared with other similar exhibitions, they can meet more buyers at the China International label exhibition. This is a good market promotion platform for the three companies in China, Five sets of equipment were sold on site, with a turnover of more than 15 million

lindco (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd.: a well-known label printing manufacturer and a loyal customer of China International label exhibition. According to the person in charge, two sets of equipment were sold in this exhibition

terabo Materials Technology Co., Ltd.: Mr. tangliqun, the general manager, spoke highly of the China International label exhibition. He thought that it was popular and there were many interested customers. After the exhibition, the company will send samples to the buyers for trial use. I believe that through the exhibition, they will sign a lot of orders

kloeckner pentaplast: environmental friendly materials engaged in KP high shrinkage film entered the domestic market in 2006. Jerry Xu, the marketing manager, said that the reason for participating in the event was to see the development potential of the domestic beverage market in heat shrinkable film and environmental friendly materials. He also said that, especially in the 12th five year plan, the application of environmental friendly materials is required to be widely applied and promoted, and the South China International Printing and packaging exhibition industry has a good reputation, At the same time, it is located in the South China business circle of the Pearl River. On the one hand, it has a strong consumption capacity. On the other hand, it can also radiate to Southeast Asia through the region

Yutian Wanjie printing company: a considerable amount of transactions can be reached at the exhibition every year, and the booth area also increases every year. The person in charge said that there were many interested visitors. This year, the number of visitors exceeded that of previous years, and the popularity was relatively prosperous. There were 5 or 6 interested customers on the first day of the exhibition

Guangzhou kosco flexographic printing equipment Co., Ltd.: the company specializes in the packaging and printing of food and beverage boxes, especially the customers of brewers and instant noodles. Miss huanghuilan, the sales director, said that all the old customers invited before the exhibition brought other customers to visit, and there were also a lot of interested customers. Nearly 20% of the new customers were attracted to the first exhibition, and the effect was satisfactory

Jiangsu fangbang Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.: one of the main purposes of participating in South China International Printing Exhibition is to establish brand image. Mr. Zhang Ping, vice president of sales, said that the audience quality of South China International Printing Exhibition was more professional than that of other similar exhibitions, and the exhibition effect was satisfactory. There were 6 prospective buyers in the first two days of the exhibition

Mr. Si Ping of Wuhu xinpingxing Packaging Industry Co., Ltd. gave China International Beverage Exhibition a high evaluation. The audience was better than last year. The audience was mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region, and the overseas audience was also more than that of Beijing Exhibition. I hope that if the exhibition can maintain the status quo, it will be very good, because the competition of the same type of exhibition is also large at present

the exhibition attracted the participation of Indian standard exhibitors from 14 countries and regions at home and abroad, including Han's Guanhua, Kelei, Ziming, lucky, Zhongde Group Zhejiang Zhengrun, fangbang, kosco, Chengming, Dapeng, China Eastern Airlines, Aoke, tiancen, ZHENGBO, Fengming, Huayao, Ruiguang, Jinbao, zhenxingyin, Taisuo, ditian, jinliji, hengming, diteka, Jintai, Japan lindco, Taiwan luotie, Canada Yidi ETI The change of resistance values of American Eli, tongtongduoweilong, Haotian, Ruian Zhongtian and niben reflects the displacement value. Weigang, Botai brotech, sanqihong sanki of Japan, Tianjin Zhongtian Shengtong group, Zhaolong, Zhongshan Fuzhou, MoMA, Darjia, Lianguan Lecco, top label, new tumei, rotley, American yaonengliang, Klockner pentaplast, etc. show high-quality new products and technologies Various solutions and new management systems. The exhibits cover prepress, inkjet printing, offset printing, soft concave printing, label printing, post printing, ink and consumables

there are many well-known comprehensive packaging equipment suppliers in the exhibition, including Bosch Bosch, Hangzhou Yongchuang, Aomori Changkong, Foshan Plastics Group, Guangdong Yuedong, Shanghai Maiwei, Beijing Maiwei, Yifu packaging, Zhejiang Zhongcheng, Hualian machinery, Nanjing ruikong, Danfoss, xindebao, Qingdao songben, deyibao, Shanghai Shousong, Yongchuang Tongda, Shantou Anping, Guangzhou standard international, partner international, Ouhua, Yihe, Haikou Hongbang Yinghui, nuoxin, Dachuan, Haichuan, Fumao, Changzhou Tom, Dajiang, Qingdao Yilong, Diquan, Zhejiang Everest, Zhejiang brothers, Wanda, Jiayin, konova, Guangzhou alliance, Ruiji Jinhong, famaga, Yida, Chuanhe, Langao, Jingwei, Dingye, jinhuangshang, jiashifeng, markem-imaje, Videojet, domino, Hitachi, ColorMatrix, Ishida, Fukutomi, igus, Siti, etc. The International Packaging Machinery Association also organized exhibition groups to participate in the exhibition, including: Korean Packaging Machinery Association (KPMA), British processing and Packaging Machinery Association building curtain wall testing as/nzs 4284:1995 (ppma), American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association (PMMI), Chinese Taipei product packaging Association, China Plastics Industry Association Composite Film Association, etc

the adult gathering point of the colorful simultaneous activities

"the second China gravure printing boutique zone" made its debut at the South China International Printing Exhibition. Zhang Yun, director of the gravure printing branch of the China Printing Technology Association, said about the effect of the event that the second China gravure printing boutique fully reflected the highest quality printing works, exquisite printing technology With good printing equipment and increasingly perfect supporting materials, the cigarette label industry has always been the highest printing level in China and has the highest requirements for hardware. This activity focuses on the works of the best cigarette printing enterprises in China. We have made various cooperation for the good effect of this work exhibition, making the cigarette label works the highlight of this boutique exhibition that has received the most attention from professional audiences

the "inkjet printing supplier conference" jointly created by the China Institute of Printing Science and technology and keyin media was very popular. It was held in the form of a round table meeting. Miss Si Lu, the project director of the exhibition project division of the co organizer, said that she had cooperated with Yashi exhibition services Co., Ltd. for many times and was very happy. However, the effect of the supplier conference was satisfactory, attracting many printing manufacturers to the site, and the site was full. She also said that the success of the exhibition came from the recovery of the domestic market economy and the recognition of the exhibition brand by the domestic industry

"packaging products exhibition area" was even more crowded. Nearly 100 packaging products enterprises were selected to participate in the experiments on fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabrication cracks and crack expansion of fine tightening or tension compression alternating load. It gathered fine packaging products enterprises, designers and advertising professionals, and also attracted visitors from food, beverage, daily chemicals, gifts, wine, tea and other industries, Share the design concept of green packaging

the "business matching activity" organized by the conference and HC is also one of the highlights of the activities at the same time. The buyer group arrived at the exhibition hall early in the morning to visit various characteristic booths, and participated in the matching activity with exhibitors on site. During the activity, considerable transactions were reached

90 business groups of Chinese and foreign associations attended the exhibition, which made the popularity of the exhibition soar.

the organizers of the exhibition warmly received more than 40 support associations and more than 50 enterprises at home and abroad, including visiting groups from overseas regions such as India and Vietnam, as well as domestic industry associations such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Nanning, Yulin, Shenzhen, Shunde, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Pengjiang, Meizhou, Quanzhou, Jinjiang, Dongguan and Shantou

well known enterprises have also organized large visiting groups, including terminal enterprises such as Shenzhen Zoomlion pharmaceutical, Siemens, Guangzhou Bright Dairy, P & G, xufuji, L'Oreal, DuPont, Coca Cola and Swire Pacific; As well as top 100 printing enterprises such as Dongguan tiger color printing, Dongguan donnery printing, Shenzhen Zhongda printing, Zhiyuan color printing, Shenzhen Yutong printing, Dongguan Guanli trademark printing, etc

"2011 South China International Printing and packaging exhibition" was jointly sponsored by Guangdong Publishing Bureau, China Foreign Trade Center (Group), Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Guangdong publishing group. The exhibition was held in Guangzhou Publishing Bureau, radio and Television Bureau, China Printing Science and Technology Research Institute, Guangdong Publishing Service Center, Guangzhou publishing and printing industry association, Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, Guangdong Light Industry Association, Guangdong Pharmaceutical Administration In addition to the full support of Guangdong Guangdong beer information technology service center and Shenzhen Food Industry Association, it also received the full support and participation of Hong Kong Packaging Association, Hong Kong Printing Association, Hong Kong watong paper manufacturers' Association, and India's Silk Printing Association and offset printing association. Its influence and reputation in the industry are widely recognized

"2012 South China International Printing & Packaging Exhibition" will be held again in Pazhou Pavilion (zone a) of China Import and Export Commodities Fair in Guangzhou in March, 2012. We are approaching as scheduled and will pay attention to this industry event together

preview of the next exhibition:

the 19th South China International Printing Industry Exhibition (referred to as the 19th printing South China)

2012 China International Label Printing Technology Exhibition (referred to as the Sino label 2012)

the 19th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition (referred to as the Sino pack 2012)

the 16th China International beer Beverage and liquid packaging industry exhibition (China Drinktec 2012 for short)

Venue: Guangzhou. Pazhou Pavilion of China Import and Export Commodities Fair (zone a)

exhibition time: March, 2012

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