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Envy sloth slow life? Start with efficient communication

confession of a business dog: I want to live as slowly as a sloth, but I spend two days on the way to a meeting for an hour. I suffer from traffic congestion. It also reduces the timeliness of communication. I delay my work. I can't improve my work efficiency. It's a delusion.

because of a crazy animal City, sloths have become a new generation of celebrities. They are naturally sprouting from the depths, reaching a high level and reaching a new level, Not only has it become the new favorite of the whole people, but the sloth like slow life has also been supported by fans

envy the sloth like slow life, and hope to chat and make tea in a daze every day? Then don't waste most of your time on business! Yilian video conference solution helps enterprise employees close the business trip mode and achieve efficient internal and external communication and cooperation

no need to travel to exchange information at the first time

with the continuous expansion of enterprise business, Beijing University of technology took over more and more "hard bone" branches at that time, and the communication cost of enterprises became higher and higher. The data displayed by the channels between different regions and departments are also accurate, such as collaboration, market decision-making, employee training, etc. with the help of video conference, it can not only avoid the round-trip of employees, save a lot of human and material resources, but also ensure that the enterprise can deliver the first hand information to provide customers with theoretical solutions at the first time, so as to ensure smooth internal and external communication of the enterprise and quickly respond to market changes

immersive face-to-face communication with ultra-high definition audio and video

there is no need to travel, and the visual experience of face-to-face communication can also be achieved by using Yilian video. 1080p Full HD quality, more refined picture and sound, no different from the real conference. By using the 18x optical zoom camera, high-definition amplification of any detail of whiteboard writing and paper drawings can achieve the effect of business discussion in a conference room, which does not require employees to travel and avoid the disadvantages of indirect communication such as e-mail

with the rapid development of mobile network technology, enterprise users have put forward higher requirements for video conferencing. They not only hold video conference in the conference room, but also require the ability to video anytime, anywhere. With the help of Yilian and pad soft terminals, people can realize face-to-face communication and cooperation at any time and at any place, communicate in time, give feedback in real time, quickly grasp the market pulse without delaying a minute, and win in the highly competitive market


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