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From August 13 to 15, 2015, Qi Ge made a wonderful appearance in the 20th China (Shanghai) wallpaper cloth carpet and home soft decoration exhibition. The home hotline and the reporter of wallpaper world interviewed Lu huangyong, the deputy general manager of Qi Ge at the exhibition site

home hotline reported that from August 13 to 15, 2015, Qige made a wonderful appearance in the 20th China (Shanghai) wallpaper, cloth, carpet and home soft decoration exhibition, attracting the attention of many dealers and industry elites. Home hotline and wallpaper world reporters interviewed Lu huangyong, the deputy general manager of Qige at the exhibition site

on site interview guests: Lu huangyong, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Qige Textile Co., Ltd.

Figure 1: at the 2015 Shanghai exhibition, Qige exhibition hall was very popular

Home hotline: Hello, Mr. Lu, what new products did Qige bring to us this exhibition? What are the highlights of these new products

President Lu: Qige company is a chain company that makes finished curtains. It was founded in 2010. This year is our fifth year of participation. We have also brought new products, all of which are original by our own team, and our products are also leading the fashion frontier. We have brought a complete series of versions. This version has been withdrawn as part of the experiment in the early stage. This new product has achieved great results in the market. What we pay attention to is the overall collocation. Our products can integrate with many other categories, serve consumers well, and have higher consumer recognition. Today, we might as well go and have a look at our products

home hotline: just now you mentioned originality. At present, many people say that plagiarism in the industry is serious. What is the proportion of originality in your company? Can you introduce your original team

President Lu: Qige has been focusing on design since its inception. Design is our core strength. We are an original company, and our fabrics are of designated patterns and designated production, which avoids a certain degree of homogenization. In addition, we redesign and integrate on the basis of raw materials, so that we can get a finished product concept. The finished product concept can completely avoid the homogenization of products, and we don't have the ability to homogenize products in the market. Therefore, we are confident in this area, and we are also insisting on originality. We have our own original team. From the beginning of its establishment, we have invited famous professors from the design industry of the Chinese Academy of fine arts to be our design consultants. At the same time, our team are professional designers who graduated from the Academy of fine arts. We have professional color matching designers, professional style designers, fabric R & D designers and other overall home matching designers. They are all very professional, so we have great advantages in the original one

Figure 2: Lu huangyong, the deputy general manager of Qige, accepted an exclusive interview with Huiya information ・ home hotline reporter

home hotline: at present, many enterprises are facing a dilemma, that is, sales cannot go up. So many enterprises are also facing the situation of bankruptcy. How about the sales situation of your company in recent years

Mr. Lu: Fortunately, Qige's sales have been rising in this bad environment for two reasons: our Qige is a marketing service-oriented company that operates as a chain of finished curtain products. We not only provide products to our franchise stores, but also have a series of services to help franchise stores improve sales, mainly reflected in two systems: the first is the training system and the second is the marketing service system. Our marketing is divided into three-dimensional marketing and professional digestion. Three dimensional marketing is like I'm a fisherman holding a net in fishing, and professional digestion is like a cook bringing delicious food to the table. After we attract our customers, I let the marketing talents first, let the consumers know, know and trust their style, and then they will be interested in my products. Then our designers follow, and the designers help the customers do the overall collocation, integrate the curtain fabric art into his home, and do an overall coordinated design

Figure 3: dealers walk around the exhibition hall and enjoy its exhibits

Home hotline: at present, it is said that the overall large and soft decoration is the trend in the future. What do you think and do in this regard

Mr. Lu: overall large-scale soft decoration is an inevitable trend, because we now have more and more fine decoration buildings. From the perspective of hard decoration materials, many of them are already B2B cooperation models, which are cooperation between enterprises. Large real estate developers have found manufacturers to directly remove the hard decoration materials, so our owners still hope to participate more in the soft decoration. Few real estate developers directly do away with soft decoration, because they should respect the owners. Our style is also based on such a concept. We adhere to the originality and overall collocation of soft clothing. We hope to bring overall effects to customers, rather than a single product. Qige has always been determined to do overall control. We are a very important component in soft decoration, so most of our designers are overall soft decoration planners, who will consider the brand, category and color of furniture and accessories. In the later stage, our curtains are to make a supplement and harmony to make it more perfect. From the perspective of R & D products, in addition to curtains, we have supporting industrial products. At the beginning of our research and development, our idea is to integrate with more other categories. Our designers will also know a lot about the mainstream styles and other products in the market. Our designers' ability and our products can help end consumers get a real home experience




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