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Although the current home decoration market is still a little low as the two weather temperatures, the rising temperature will soon sweep the heat wave in the peak decoration season. Therefore, if you are going to do a big job in spring, you must start to prepare for home decoration from now on. Dive online to learn about decoration knowledge, try to bargain in the home decoration market at the door of home, carefully study the structure of the house, and then meet some home decoration fellow passers-by. As a passer-by, let me remind you: home decoration is a big project, and you should be prepared to fight a long-term war. The more fully and carefully you do the work in front, the simpler the time and endurance struggle. If you don't believe it, you can try it

first, interpret the structure of your own house

some people compare decoration to a battle, a battle of wits and courage with construction teams and material merchants, so you must start from knowing yourself. Only by knowing yourself and your enemy can you win a hundred battles

1. Measurement: measure and record the size of each detail in the home, such as the floor, wall, room height, door opening height and width, windowsill size, toilet hole spacing, etc., so as to check with the decoration company with the original data during decoration pricing. In addition, the quantity and cost of materials required can also be roughly calculated

2. Walls: Nowadays, building walls are generally divided into insulation walls and load-bearing walls. The two kinds of walls are treated differently in the decoration project. The insulation wall needs to be lined before painting, while the bearing wall can be painted directly, and the decoration pricing cost is also different; Generally, the insulation wall cannot bear weight, so things like electric water heaters that have a certain weight and need to be hung on the wall can only be hung on the load-bearing wall. In the decoration pricing, the cost of embedding the wall for waterway and circuit transformation is also different because of the different quality and price of the wall

3. Water pipes, heating, and gas: the properties of water pipes, heating, and gas used in each community are different, and the restrictions when they need to be transformed are also different. Therefore, before decoration, it is necessary to understand their materials, so that they can be considered when setting the decoration plan

second, online repair decoration knowledge

some people compare decoration to a science, a physics course on how to turn cement boards into beautiful scenery, so you must start to accumulate the basic knowledge of cement and boards. A good foundation is half success. Recommended networks: focus real estate network decoration Forum, Sohu decoration Forum, Sina decoration Forum

1. Understand the brand of materials: Decoration requires a lot of materials. If you are not prepared to go to the market, it will take a lot of time. The amount of information in the online forum is very large, and the general reputation of the decoration Group also has a certain reference value. Therefore, we can first formulate a basic material purchase brand list according to the evaluation of online experts

2. Understand the basic concept of decoration: for people who have not decorated, they may not even have the concept of contracting labor and materials, contracting auxiliary materials, clean oil, mixed oil and other simple words. On the Internet, you can know all this clearly by browsing

3. Search the blacklist of decoration: on the Internet, the most worthwhile thing to see is the experience of people who came over. Although they are not professionals, their experience after use and practice is often more real than that of professionals. In particular, their evaluation of the effect of the brand, so the most important lesson of online diving is to sort out the complaints of the brands in their own brand purchase list through search. If there are no negative complaints and reports, buy again

4. Get to know close friends of decoration: through online communication, you can try to get to know some decorators nearby. In this way, you can choose materials together and exchange information, which can greatly reduce the workload. In addition, when you encounter problems, you can also have an adviser to solve them





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