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Home decoration is like wearing a piece of clothes for the house. The trend and fashion are in your hands. As long as it is your own, it will not become dim with the changes of fashion

home decoration is like wearing a piece of clothes for the house. Trends and fashions are in your hands. As long as they are your own, they will not become dim with the changes of fashion. In fact, fashion comes and goes quickly. We can use some classic means to decorate our homes well, so that we can always keep the living environment "fresh"

1. Practical first

furniture layout practical first, romantic second. Therefore, when arranging furniture, we should first consider practicality, so that the really practical things will not be abandoned. While pursuing beautiful home layout, we should pay more attention to the practical functions of the house, and take practical comfort as the ultimate goal of decoration and layout

2. Minimalism

the more concise and natural it is, the more amazing it will be. Minimalist home layout makes the room look simple and comfortable, and it is easier to bring a soothing mood, which has also become the direction of home design. Remove redundant elements, colors, shapes and textures to make the content stand out. The simple design is calm, leaving the user's heart in the most primitive place

3. Classic works

Classic household works are of great value in terms of skills, design and modeling, such as reclining chairs and sofas designed by famous teachers, customized wardrobe of high-end brands, etc. as time goes by, no matter how other things are replaced, these classic works will still become the highest magic weapon to improve the whole space. Remember that no matter when, classic design will always be based on fashion

4. Super comfort

surpassing popularity depends on those helpers who really make people feel comfortable. Even people who don't pursue any feeling will want a super comfort at home. Therefore, the softness that can be touched by the body, the bright and soothing that can be seen by the eyes, and the melodious and gentle that can be heard by the ears can become the first choice for home furnishing, and will never be late compared with popular factors

5. Flexible

it is not easy to make every piece of furniture contain freedom and collocation potential. Once you are familiar with the rules, you can use them freely without restraint. Make unlimited changes in a limited space, and let freedom become the biggest helper of flexibility

6. Super storage space

the longer you live, the more scattered things will be. It's a headache to pack up. A home with multiple storage cabinets can let the clothes and tools go back to you, and a neat and clean home is bound to make housewives happy. Of course, taking it will never go out of style

7. Unity of style

home layout should have a unified artistic style and overall charm in the overall design, make it form a whole with furniture according to size, color and location, and create a "unity and change" with natural harmony and great vitality; It is best to choose customized furniture brands to customize in sets or try to choose ones with relatively consistent colors and styles, so as to further improve the quality of the living environment

8. Clever use of accessories

the role of accessories in the space is not just decoration, sometimes even the degree of effort in accessories determines the overall effect. If accessories are properly replaced and deployed, the home will always be full of fresh feelings





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