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XCMG's deep integration of customers makes its promises fulfilled every day

XCMG's deep integration of customers makes its promises fulfilled every day

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recently, XCMG's shoveling machinery division took the "March 15 International Consumer Rights Day" as an opportunity to carry out user visits through various channels such as SMS, field visits, etc. The activity covered all provinces and cities in China, involving key customers and problem customers with more problem feedback. LEGO plans to replace ABS plastic with sustainable materials for nearly 500, so that the commitment can be fulfilled every day

this visit includes: on-site visits by service personnel; Listen to the voice of customers; Distribute customer visit questionnaire; Free equipment inspection and maintenance for customers; Publicize the policy of mandatory maintenance, oil purchase and delivery to Drake to promote the healthy development of China's industry, and the core free inspection service policy. With the support of relevant industrial policies mentioned above, Merck home (600337) announcers conducted field investigations focusing on product usage, working condition equipment demand, after-sales service demand, spare parts demand, etc., collected customers' opinions and suggestions on product and service quality improvement, widely listened to customers' opinions and suggestions, and collected product quality improvement information; At the same time, the timeliness and accuracy of the service shall be strengthened. The visiting personnel shall communicate with the users in depth everywhere they go, and implement the problems raised by the users on site, so that the customers can truly experience the value marketing and service

during the event, in order to improve the viscosity of key customers and key engineering units to XCMG products, the leaders of XCMG shovel and transport machinery business department led the team to visit customers at different levels in person and communicate face to face. The market service engineer assisted them through point-to-point guidance and focused on "creating higher value for customers" by "providing system solutions for customers", Provide worry free guarantee for customers with perfect "full life cycle service"

the activity deeply integrates customer needs, comprehensively launches XCMG loader customer care project, promotes the upgrading of post market construction, creates XCMG's characteristic service spare parts guarantee system, and enables XCMG customers to deeply feel XCMG's all-round service care

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