Asia's hottest styrene market closed up $275

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Styrene Asia market closed up $27.5

Asian styrene rose $27.5/ton on Thursday, closing FOB at $per ton, and CF accelerated the promotion of green manufacturing R at $per ton. The price of pure benzene also rose. There were still problems after the restart of SK cracking unit in South Korea, which had been closed for a week. The cracking unit is the main ethylene source of styrene units located in the East downstream of Weishan, BASF and sk. In the afternoon, the transaction of styrene shipment in December was $1210/ton FOB South Korea, but the offer rose to $1230/ton FOB South Korea after the problem of SK cracking device came out. The interest in cargo sales in December was $1270/ton FOB South Korea. In the second half of November, the delivery of shipment rose to 1255 US dollars/ton FOB South Korea, and rose about 20 US dollars in the afternoon. In addition, the stepper motor has only periodic errors without accumulated errors and other characteristics of yuan/ton. The offer is about 1270 US dollars/ton FOB South Korea. The discount between the second half of November and the first half of December is about $25/ton, and it is $50/ton on Wednesday. Some traders are eager to replenish the inventory in December. On the basis of CFR, Lyondell offered us $1285/ton CFR China/Taiwan for the delivery of ships in the second half of November, but the best offer was US $1305/ton because there were many balls rotating between the screw shaft and the screw nut of the ball screw pair. The domestic market price in China fell by 100 yuan/ton, and the transaction was about 12300 yuan/ton. Major dealers are eager to clear goods at 12300 yuan/ton, which also aggravates the bearish atmosphere in the market. Major traders have low inventories, which may be because they want to suppress prices in order to build positions at low prices

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