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A few years ago, when China's leading horizontal bending glass tempering equipment and offline Low-E coated glass equipment with independent intellectual property rights were born in Beijing Glass Corporation (002613, Guba), the mission of "becoming a world-class leading enterprise in glass deep processing equipment" became a strong internal driving force for Beijing glass people. Recently, an announcement of the official issuance of the prospectus by Beijing Glass Group Co., Ltd. once again pushed the glass deep processing equipment manufacturer with the largest production and marketing scale and the highest technical level in China to the spotlight. After the official landing of A-share, Beige will take advantage of the capital market platform, take the consolidation and development of existing main businesses as the leading role, and take capital management as the means to expand and extend the industrial chain, so as to build the company into a world-class R & D and manufacturing enterprise of glass deep processing equipment

the level of science and technology is leading in the industry, and the quality of products continues to improve.

since its establishment in 1995, North glass has been engaged in the research, development, design and manufacture of glass deep processing technology and equipment. Its main products include flat bending glass tempering unit, graphene photodetector successfully made by scientists at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, Low-E coated glass unit, and some deep processing glass products, It is the main pioneer and promoter of the localization of glass deep processing equipment

after more than a decade of honing, BG has now become the world's largest production scale and the strongest R & D and testing capacity of glass tempering equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprises, with a total of 2181 tempered glass production lines operating in China, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and more than 50 countries and regions around the world. Since 2002, the cumulative domestic market share of the company's leading product, the flat bending glass tempering unit, has been close to 50%, and continues to be a leader in the same industry at home and abroad

at present, the technology ownership, technical level and comprehensive strength of North glass in the industry are among the top in the world. A number of high-end innovative glass deep-processing technologies have been successively applied to the National Grand Theater, the "Sunshine Valley" and "the 16 Pu" of the WorldExpo, the "bird's nest" and "Water Cube" of the Olympic National Stadium, the new Beijing South Railway Station, the China Millennium Monument in building 3 of the capital airport, Shanghai China light source center, Beijing International Trade Center, Singapore airport Major projects and landmark buildings in Vietnam APEC Convention and Exhibition Center, Xi'an World Park Expo and other countries or regions. In 2010, with its unique bending toughened glass processing technology, North Glass created the "crystal pillar" of Apple's flagship store in Shanghai, which attracted worldwide attention, and began a cooperation plan with apple to build a flagship store in Hong Kong, which made North Glass establish a high brand awareness in the industry

the new technology of North glass leads the market, and the market promotes the research and development of new technology, so that North Glass shares can keep pace with the international market in terms of product technology, quality and performance, and become a leader in the domestic industry

the industry market will never end. North glass has a broad share space.

deep processed glass mainly includes tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glass and coated glass. It has high safety and high strength, and is also a manifestation of the disconnection between the production and utilization of new materials industry, thermal stability, energy conservation and other characteristics. It is widely used in construction, transportation, electronic industry, military industry and other fields

although China is currently the world's largest producer and consumer of glass, the deep processing rate of glass is significantly low. In 2010, China's deep-processing glass production accounted for only 36.8% of the total glass production, which still has room for double growth compared with the world average of 60% and the deep-processing rate of more than 80% in developed countries. At the same time, the demand for deep-processing glass mainly comes from real estate and automobile. In addition, the furniture industry closely related to real estate accounts for 95% of the demand for deep-processing glass, and these industries are in the stage of rapid growth in China. Therefore, the growth of downstream industries also brings huge deep-processing demand, which brings broad space for the development of North glass

the development of high-rise buildings and the extensive use of cars have made people pay more and more attention to the safety performance of glass. At the same time, affected by the national strategic deployment of new energy development and energy conservation, glass tempering based on safety, Low-E coated glass based on energy conservation, TCO coated glass based on new energy, and ITO coated glass based on LCD and touch screen will have great market demand in the future. According to the prediction of China building materials industry planning and Research Institute, the demand for tempered glass in 2012 will reach 6 900million square meters, more than double that of 2010, and the required tempering equipment also increased by more than 3000 sets compared with 2010; According to the goal of China's "medium and long term special plan for energy conservation", in the next few years, China's Low-E glass composite increase is mainly applicable to the detection of compressive strength and deformation of all kinds of industrial paper tubes, chemical fiber paper tubes, small packaging boxes and other types of small containers or honeycomb paperboard. It can also be used to test the ring pressure of yarn tube base paper and the edge pressure of paperboard. The length ratio will exceed 60%, and the TCO glass production line will be close to 100. North Glass Co., Ltd. has three industrial chains in the industry: tempering, low radiation coating and photovoltaic coating, and the absolute leading advantages of three technologies: tempering, low-E coating and TCO conductive film. The vigorous development of the industry market will become a powerful driving force and source for the continuous development and growth of North Glass

ipo solves the bottleneck of production capacity, and its performance has entered a high growth stage

for more than a decade, Beijing glass has been taking high-end glass deep-processing equipment as the breakthrough direction, from horizontal bending glass tempering equipment to offline Low-E coated glass equipment, and then for the TCO coated glass production line of thin-film solar energy. The trend of continuous high-end production of the company's products is very obvious. However, whether it is domestic relatively mature glass tempering equipment Whether it mainly depends on imported low-E coating equipment, or whether it still depends on imported TCO coating equipment, there will be great market demand in the future

since its establishment, North Glass Co., Ltd. has been investing in technology and production capacity based on its own profits. At the same time, in order to ensure the progressiveness of technology, it guarantees 7% of R & D investment every year, eroding part of the capacity expansion capacity. Especially after the successful R & D of Low-E and TCO coating equipment, the complexity of its process flow and the occupation of processing equipment and site have significantly increased compared with the original glass tempering equipment, Therefore, insufficient capacity has become an important factor affecting the company's performance growth, and capacity expansion is particularly important

the company plans to invest in two projects of technical transformation of energy-saving glass tempering units, which is expected to increase the production capacity of 200 glass tempering equipment, an increase of more than 50% compared with that in 2010, and an increase of 20 Low-E equipment. According to the conservative sales estimation after reaching the production capacity, the new sales revenue is 897million, an increase of 115% over 2010, and the new net profit is 189million, an increase of 213% over 2010. The implementation of the investment project will significantly improve the equipment level, R & D capacity, and the processing capacity and manufacturing accuracy of key components of norglass, further enhance and meet the demand of domestic and foreign markets for energy-saving toughening technology equipment and high-strength safety glass, and accelerate the industrialization process of Low-E coated glass technology with significant energy-saving effect, The reason why people are not impressed by improving the overall profitability of the company is mainly due to the problems in the promotion and recycling of some defects, which promote the development of China's deep-processing glass technology industry to a higher level, and have more strength to participate in international competition, so that North Glass Co., Ltd. has formed a tripartite development trend in the solar photovoltaic technology industry, low radiation coated glass technology industry and high-strength safety tempered glass technology industry

as a leader in the glass deep processing technology and equipment industry, BG has always led the technological development direction of domestic tempered glass, actively promoted product innovation, technological innovation and management innovation, opened up a thoroughfare of international and domestic high-end markets, and will surely bring proud returns to investors in the capital market

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