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Beijing India is about to set up a digital art design innovation practice base

[ppzhan Abstract] the combination of industry, University and research has become an important driving force for China's economic development, especially in the industry where the market capacity of labor-intensive plastic extruders will be further expanded, and high-end has naturally become the key development goal of the film blowing machine industry in the future, such as packaging and printing industry. Therefore, schools also play an important role in the development of the industry. Recently, the printing school Beiyin is preparing to establish a digital art design innovation practice base with negative indication error, so as to provide talents for the development of the industry

on December 23, during the project approval of the 2013 Beijing University demonstration on campus innovation practice base reviewed by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, after fierce competition, the Beijing Institute of printing digital art design innovation practice base was approved, which is a municipal on campus innovation practice base approved by the Beijing Institute of printing. This time, 58 universities including Peking University and Tsinghua University participated in the selection, and 25 bases were approved, including 14 subordinate universities and 11 municipal universities

according to the requirements of the notice of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing Institute of printing and technology has carefully organized the application work closely around the principles of highlighting innovation, paying attention to characteristics, and opening and sharing. In the application work, it further conforms to the development trend of recycling and environmental protection, strengthens the construction of innovation practice base in the school, integrates effective resources, improves the operation mechanism, and summarizes the effective mode of innovative talent training, which makes the applied digital art design innovation practice base successfully approved, and plays an exemplary and radiating role in the training of innovative talents in the school

it is reported that Beijing Institute of printing will take the approval of the digital art design innovation practice base as an opportunity to continuously promote the construction of the innovation practice base on campus, increase investment, improve supporting policies, deepen the comprehensive reform of practical teaching, and carry out innovative experiments, scientific research, invention and creation, discipline competition, social practice and other activities for the majority of students, Cultivate students' independent innovation ability and innovation consciousness, and create a good environment and atmosphere

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