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North Korea celebrated the launch of kwangsung-4, saying that there was no error of 0.001 mm

[Global Times comprehensive report] according to Korean Central News Agency 15, the Central Committee of the Korean workers' party held a grand celebration banquet for the scientific and technological workers, workers and cadres who contributed to the successful launch of kwangsung-4 on the 13th. Kim Jong Un attended and said in his congratulatory message, The success of launching the earth observation satellite "gave the Korean people confidence and courage, dealt a severe blow to the enemy who tried to block North Korea's March, and left a heavy mark in the history of the Korean party and country". He stressed that he hoped that you would take today's success as a springboard to win greater victory, actively participate in scientific research work to capture higher goals, and continue to launch more application satellites whose electrical insulation is not affected by temperature. At the banquet, the peony peak orchestra performed to celebrate the successful launch of "light star 4"

at the banquet on the same day, the first lady of North Korea, Li Xue, made an appearance, and senior party, government and military officials such as Kim Yong Nam, chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme People's assembly, Wong Byeong, general political director of the people's army, and Kim Jong Nam, Secretary of the Party Central Committee attended. South Korean KBS television commented that this shows that North Korea will continue to carry out long-range missile launch tests

who is the "enemy" referred to by the North Korean leader? "Japan Times" said, obviously referring to Seoul and Washington. On the 15th, Yonhap quoted Kim Jong Un as saying that hostile forces are more covetous than ever in an attempt to kill me. In a complex and severe situation, I am still determined to bet on the fate and dignity of the motherland and launch the "Earth Observation Satellite" on the eve of the historic Seventh National Congress of the workers' party, while the Korean satellite was accurately put into space orbit, "without even a 0.001 mm error"

"even if the international community is preparing to punish his regime, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un still wants to launch more satellites as a pioneer. Last week, North Korea launched 'guangmingxing 4' satellite, which caused international anger." Agence France Presse was surprised by North Korea's latest move. On the 15th, the United States converted the following formula: "North Carolina" nuclear powered submarine held a joint submarine exercise in the eastern waters of South Korea. Yonhap said that the United States sent strategic weapons to the peninsula after the B-52 strategic bomber, with the intention of sending a strong warning signal against North Korea's nuclear test and long-range missile launch. AP 15 said that the United States and Japan have announced new sanctions against North Korea's recent nuclear test and satellite launch, and the United Nations Security Council is also promoting new sanctions. The border tension with South Korea has escalated rapidly. Even China has met the car interior standards and began to look more like an angry neighbor than a comrade in arms. But in the face of the storm brewing around, the North Koreans are still solid

the RIA Novosti report entitled "Russian Foreign Minister condemns Pyongyang for deteriorating the situation on the Korean peninsula" on the 14th said that Lavrov said at the security conference in Munich on the 13th that the deterioration of the situation on the peninsula was caused by the irresponsible and completely unacceptable behavior of the North Korean leader. However, Lavrov stressed that under such circumstances, there was a non Constructive Trend of bypassing the UN Security Council to unilaterally punish North Korea. He criticized the attempt to strengthen military deployment in this region as an alternative to jointly easing the situation through negotiation

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