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Beixin building materials launched nano paint

recently, Beixin building materials' dragon brand paint has been on the market, and dragon young people have become an important member of the "main force" brand paint. "Dragon brand nano paint" that is,

will come out. According to the company's technical personnel, Beixin building materials and relevant domestic scientific research institutes adopt modern high-tech achievements

to jointly produce coatings with nano additives, which are not only resistant to brushing, but also have functions such as health care, antibacterial and air purification. Recently, due to people's attention to the ecological environment and health, the advent of this product will be welcomed. According to the measurement

, beixinlong nano paint can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria gb/t 3098.11 ⑵ 002 mechanical properties of fasteners, self drilling self tapping screws and mold, decompose the organic matter and odor in the air in 2012, and can effectively purify the harmful gas caused by NOx, SO2, VOC, NH3 and swallowing; It can increase the concentration of negative ions in the air. Fresh air, improve sleep, promote metabolism, and improve the cold resistance and disease resistance of the human body; The 24-hour killing inhibition rate of bacteria

and mycelium propagules is 100%, which effectively solves the indoor environmental pollution problem that the harmful gas cannot be discharged as soon as possible caused by the enhanced sealing performance of buildings at present. Longpai nano paint has introduced advanced green environmental protection formula, and its production process adopts advanced production technology from Germany and Japan. Its products have four series, including organic emulsion paint for building exterior walls, organic emulsion paint for building interior walls, waterborne industrial paint and building special paint, which have won time for enterprises. There are more than 20 varieties,

products with extremely low organic volatile, non-toxic, harmless and odor free. The coating has strong stain resistance and washability of

10000 times

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