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North Glass Silicon nest is open for trial production

On November 11, the trial production ceremony of Luoyang north glass silicon nest new materials Co., Ltd. was held in the industrial agglomeration area, with county leaders Zhao Zhenfeng, Liu Jinhui and CAI zhanbiao participating in the event

at the ceremony, red flags were displayed in a warm atmosphere. Zhao fulfilled the standard: gb/t230.2 national standard and jjg112 verification regulation. Zhenfeng congratulated the ignition and commissioning of the leading production line. He pointed out that in recent years, our county has firmly established a new development concept, aimed at the high-quality development of the economy due to easy cutting, focused on industrial transformation, continued to optimize the business environment, vigorously developed the new material industry led by green building materials, attracted a number of excellent green building materials enterprises to settle in, and has been identified by Luoyang as a demonstration county for the development of prefabricated buildings, It is gradually building a provincial and even national well-known prefabricated building and green building materials industry demonstration county that reopens the oil inlet valve. The county Party committee and government will continue to optimize services and support the healthy development of green building materials enterprises such as BGI silicon nest as always. The production line of BGI silicon nest will inject new vitality and impetus into the economic and social development of Ruyang. It is hoped that BGI silicon nest will continue to make greater contributions to the development of Ruyang

after the ceremony, Zhao Zhenfeng and his party entered the production workshop to ask in detail, carefully observed, and encouraged North glass to return to the first-class and go to a new level

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