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Beijing glass released a new building material - silicon nest unit plate

Luoyang north glass silicon nest Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "North Glass Silicon nest"), which is a joint-stock company of Beijing glass and has in-depth cooperation with it, will bring carefully crafted fist products - silicon nest unit plate and silicon nest unit curtain wall, which will debut at the China International Door and window curtain wall Expo opened in Shanghai on November 5 this year! On the afternoon of November 6, the new product launch of Beibo silicon nest was held in the conference room w2-m9 of Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong)

the silicon nest unit curtain wall is a brand-new technical system created by Beige silicon nest. It is comprehensively innovative in the three dimensions of basic materials, production process and product application, so as to solve a series of difficulties and pain points in industrial application

"Silicon nest" is a new material, which is made of silicon and looks like a honeycomb, so it is named "Silicon nest". The raw materials are made from tailings and other wastes and foamed at high temperature. It has the functions of high-quality wall materials: light and high-strength, fire resistance and heat preservation, hydrophobic and moisture-proof, sound absorption and sound insulation, stability and durability, and decoration. In particular, the decorative surface made of stone like materials is comparable to the wear of surface colored stones between the relative moving parts, and there is no hidden danger of surface cracking and falling off. It is a unique wall surface material

with the emergence of new materials, BG silicon nest has created a silicon nest unit curtain wall system, which has fully reached the application standard after testing, meeting the transformation of building industrialization. The company will launch the silicon nest application innovation competition to popularize the silicon nest application in the world

BGI silicon nest solves different supporting processes with diversified raw materials; The technological process of different varieties is solved; It also solves the innovation of key production equipment, optimizes production efficiency and cost, and enters the market with better economy

in the curtain wall system of building enclosure, suitable metal separators must be selected to adapt to the corresponding tested products, which can be divided into transparent and non transparent curtain walls

transparent glass curtain walls are widely used in modern buildings, especially high-rise buildings, because of their simple and reliable assembly

the non transparent curtain wall mainly plays the role of the decorative layer of building enclosure. It is composed of stone or other decorative plates on the traditional masonry and cement walls, but the solid wall is bulky and not suitable for assembly and construction, especially in high-rise buildings

the silicon nest unit curtain wall completely solves many problems in the application of solid walls. With the characteristics of light weight and high strength, multi-function, and the integration of exterior decoration and solid wall, it has changed the cumbersome of multi materials and multi processes of solid wall, got rid of the restrictions of high-rise, steel structure, earthquake, windy and other restricted areas, synchronized most fields that glass curtain wall can be used, and made the building exterior wall more colorful, and actively controlled the opportunities brought by product innovation and project interaction with customers, which is more energy-saving, heat preservation, and more economical and applicable

this time, with the help of the opportunity of returning from the steel trade market to the park, North Glass Silicon nest will bring a series of exhibits from basic materials to light steel composite structural plates, and then to the silicon nest unit curtain wall, showing the application results of the whole industrial chain. Its application products, material board production, curtain wall system manufacturing, construction assembly and other links will also be decomposed into various demanders

the birth of "Silicon nest" will make great contributions to the transformation of high-quality green building materials and building industrialization

Beibo silicon nest is full of confidence and pride. It has saved for six years, and now it bursts out

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