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Northern heavy industry cement equipment branch seizes the opportunity to seek development

Northern heavy industry cement equipment branch seizes the opportunity to seek development

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2015, as an important year of product transformation and upgrading, northern Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. cement equipment branch accelerated the upgrading of traditional vertical mills and other products and product transformation and upgrading on the basis of the original cement equipment, At the same time, it focuses on the development direction of complete sets of equipment for precast concrete components and actively expands the market

the branch company and Dalian Sanchuan successfully signed a complete set of equipment for the production line of concrete prefabricated components with an annual output of 15m3, which achieved the performance of the group company's R & D project launched in the same year, and signed the pcy-s2022 hammer crusher, npg1212 toothed roll crusher and kcn300 of habasha project in Ethiopia. The machine adopts the imported full digital servo speed regulation system with high speed regulation accuracy and stable performance as the driving system grate cooler, Singapore T216 project 覫 6.6m slurry balance shield machine and Mozambique 覫 3x11 tube mill were signed. These products are factory products in production this year, and the delivery date is concentrated in July and August

as of the day before, the PC production line project of Dalian Sanchuan Construction Technology Co., Ltd. has entered the final assembly stage. The first batch of equipment has also arrived at the site and began to enter the installation stage. Pcy-s2 and economy of habasha project in Ethiopia: 2022 hammer crusher and npg1212 toothed roll crusher have been produced and qualified for inspection, and KCN grate cooler is also in the stage of installation and commissioning. The 6.6m slurry balance shield machine of Singapore T216 project has entered the assembly stage. The branch company implements the progress of parts every week to ensure product quality

due to the tight delivery time, heavy workload and high assembly accuracy requirements of the above products, the production system of the cement equipment branch has brought unprecedented pressure. The cement equipment branch has established a production service team and a project team to go deep into the workshop, troubleshoot problems, solve difficulties, and escort the front line of production

the production department plans carefully to ensure the orderly production; The technical department set up a special workshop for trial production. 2. The pure digital PLL position pulse control mode, without zero drift and imbalance; Personnel, follow up the workshop production, and deal with and solve various technical problems in the production process in time; The quality department strictly controls the quality, and strictly controls and checks the quality of parts and components; The purchasing department ensures that the parts and accessories are in place in time according to the needs of the production line in the workshop; The administration department closely cooperates with the production and provides convenient and fast services for the production front line and departments at all levels

in order to ensure that the products are delivered on time, all the staff of the branch company practice the corporate culture of "major equipment, high-end complete sets" and the determination to "survive with diversified production and actively transform for development" during the recession of the cement market

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