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Beijing Glass Corporation completed the manufacture of CNC horizontal glass drilling machine

ZK CNC horizontal glass drilling machine independently developed by Beijing Glass Corporation was manufactured in Luoyang equipment company, and is currently undergoing intense and orderly commissioning work. This is another glass pretreatment equipment independently developed by Beijing glass after cutting machine, edging machine and cleaning machine, which fills a gap in our glass pretreatment equipment

The ZK numerical control horizontal glass drilling machine is a horizontal automatic glass drilling equipment which can be set with multi-point gates and is controlled by computer to realize automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic drilling and automatic discharging of glass. As long as the position coordinates of the holes are input through the touch screen before drilling, the drilling machine can arrange and drill holes. Up to 30 hole coordinates can be input at a time, and the continuous HRH processing of glass can be realized after one processing. Its main features are high drilling accuracy, high drilling efficiency (transmission speed 27m/min), and large processed glass size (maximum size 2600mm × 3660mm), which can reduce the handling process, greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators, and avoid the potential safety hazards caused by glass to operators. More importantly, it can be matched with horizontal glass edging machine and horizontal glass washing machine to form an automatic glass grinding, drilling and washing line

the drilling machine has automatic and semi-automatic processing functions, and is one of the main processing equipment of glass deep processing enterprises, especially architectural glass processing enterprises. At present, there is no such automatic horizontal drilling machine product in China, and the market prospect is promising

the research and development process of the project lasted more than half a year intermittently. During this period, the engineers of the technology center made great efforts to fight continuously with high mechanical strength. In the face of no more reference materials, they gave full play to their talents and overcame one difficulty after another. At the same time, they received the personal guidance of the president and the strong support of all units, ensuring that the project achieved the expected effect of "reasonable process, humanized interface and high precision drilling"

it is expected that all commissioning work of the project will be completed by the end of August, and will be handed over to Luoyang Glass Company for production and operation after acceptance

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